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The dankest of the dank, Hindu Kush is a staple in any breeder’s arsenal. It’s got that mind-blowing intense headiness we all have fallen in love with while simultaneously relaxing us into a pool of mush on the couch, man you got to love a good Kush. Who best to turn to when looking for a good Kush Strain than the breeders specializing in them then? Kush Cannabis Seeds has been in the business for over 15 years and have collected probably the biggest selection of different Kush variations in the world.

  • Kush Strains for Days, all Top-Notch
  • Medical Grade Kush Cannabis Seeds
  • Full Line-up Available in Regular, Feminized, and Auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds

The Hindu Kush is technically the name for the mountain range lying between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Culturally, Cannabis has been a big deal in this area for thousands of years and over time society there has bred what many consider the best strains of Cannabis to ever exist. Kush Seeds would be some of those people, and they’ve taken the greatest genetics from this area and fused them with others from Europe and North America. What was created is the optimal genetics that do not sacrifice the potency of the Kush but add to it quicker grow times and massive yields as well as unique, interesting, and flat-out delicious flavors. The dream, friends! It doesn’t get better than this.

Kush Cannabis Seeds are really passionate about what they’re doing, trying to make their favorite plant better for everyone to enjoy and gain the Medical Benefits from and, I got to say, you have to admire people who follow their passions. Get yourself some amazing Kush Cannabis Seeds of nearly limitless varieties that will satisfy you down to your very soul for d*mn cheap prices with us at the Ice Head Shop.

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