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Let the Connoisseur within you free at LSG. This new seed company, with breeders from all over Europe, has just got on the scene but have already won awards for their insanely good Cannabis Seeds. They focus solely on the high-end Cannabis seed market, meaning every Seed is elite to the max and all strains are tested to the extreme to ensure the best quality possible in all aspects of Marijuana. Tastes to die for, potency that will knock you on your butt, and yields that may just scare you a little bit with the size of these plants. True craftsmen in their field, Lady Sativa Genetics is kicking-a** and taking names.

  • Elite Connoisseur Grade Cannabis Seeds
  • Multiple Award Winning Despite Being Brand New in the Scene
  • Only Regular Seeds to Ensure Top Quality Genetics

Jah Hoover is the mastermind behind LSG, he started out years ago documenting his experiments with Cannabis plants online for others to learn and to see his process. Over time this grew into a following and a large demand for some of his strains. He seized this opportunity and started up LSG, entering his strain Knightsbridge OG in 2013 at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam and winning 3rd place with his first ever entry.

Perfection is key here, there are no dud Seeds or Strains available through LSG. The wealth of knowledge they have accumulated over time is being used to its fullest potential to ensure only award winning and elite Cannabis Strains come out of this companies doors. There’s no going from at LSG if you’re looking for world-class Cannabis Seeds that will stimulate you on all levels. Righteous levels of quality and passion go into every last Seed, if you want perfection from your Cannabis LSG is the right seed bank for you.

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