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Ultimate power and aroma in Regular and Feminized Cannabis seeds with perfect stability, Loud Seeds are new in the market but they already have the reputation to back up these claims. California Genetics grown in Sunny Barcelona for the utmost in the cutting-edge Cannabis breeding. Their solid reputation is easy enough to see, with rave reviews across the web and multiple High Times articles about the company, as well as a recent full-on win at the High Times Cannabis Cups. Loud Seeds are new, but these guys are blowing up the entire scene.

  • California Genetics Grown in the Barcelona Climate
  • Winners of the 2012 Cannabis Cup
  • New School and Unique Regular and Feminized Seeds

Loud Seeds got its starts between two friends, and Cannabis geniuses, James Loud and Mike Seeds. The beginnings of this company were a complete accident, James and Mike were working on a new strain in their garden when they accidentally left a male of the new variety near the girls of their old strains. What resulted was a bit of a light-bulb over the head situation. They both said, wait, why haven’t we been breeding new sh*t this entire time? The rest, as they say, is history and they have been big names on the scene ever since.

James Loud had been breeding organically in Northern California for over 20 years while Mike Seeds has nearly the same amount of experience owning and operating dispensaries in California, so it’s no wonder they made a perfect team. Loud Seeds opened up formally in Barcelona in 2013, after their initial win in the 2012 Cannabis cup and they have been anything but idle since then. All strains are fully tested for stability and contain unique genetic properties that are not able to be found elsewhere. The demand for these strains is overwhelming around the world, and we here Ice Heads have heard this call and are offering up the full Loud Seeds line up starting… right... now! Go get some.

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