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Looking for intense and fast growing Auto-flowering Cannabis Hybrid Seeds? Lowlife Seeds has been working on their blends for the past few years using the original Lowryder Seeds in the process to ensure utmost stability and perfection in every plant. They offer a huge roster of popular and reliable strains that are hard to get as those loveable quick growing Auto-flowering Seeds. For ease of use and guaranteed reliability, Lowlife Seeds is hard to beat.

  • Amazing Auto-flowering Strains of All Varieties
  • Using the Original Legendary Lowryder Genetics
  • Quick Growing and High Yielding without the loss of Stability or Potency

The goal of these lowlifes is to create a massive Seed Bank of high-tier auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds like no one has ever seen before. Their scientists are working around the clock to test and retest each individual batch until perfection has occurred in the auto-flowering seeds’ genome. They don’t believe we need to sacrifice the plants’ integrity for the ability to grow quickly, all of these babies are as potent as ever with truly impressive yields. Keep an eye out at the Lowlife Seeds ever expanding line up, all your favorite strains are planned to join in with these Auto-flowering Kingpins.

Lightning-quick to grow, yields so big you won’t even know what to do with yourself, what more could you ask for in a Seed Bank? If you’re on the lookout for Seeds that are going to be nice and easy for you to grow then you really don’t need to look farther than Lowlife Seeds, they really are good at what they do and their production lines are always consistent in quality. Ice Head Shop is bringing Lowlife Seeds to you at our ludicrously-low prices with that speedy and discreet shipping we’ve gotten famous for. Check out our full catalogue, we’re sure to have something to suit your needs.

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