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Purple Paro Valley Seeds - 6
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Righteous seeds by folks who believe in the plant. Mixing their passion for travel, adventure, study, and Cannabis, Mike and Jasmin started up this seed company with the goal in mind to explore the world of Cannabis and preserve its heritage through consistent high standards while allowing the community to take part by keeping their prices nice and low. These guys aren’t in it for the money, just enough to keep their plants growing and their business open. Part of this low-cost system they’re operating under to keep the prices low for us other folk is to not take part in media or advertising campaigns, so these strains have remained on the down low since they started back in 2004. Not anymore, Ice Head Shop loves these seeds and we love you we got the full line up right here.

There’s an entire community of followers that have sprung up around this company, not only because of their dedication to consistent excellent quality bud, but also because their policies of keeping in harmony with nature and contributing to the community around them. This may be the road less traveled for a lot of companies, but Mike and Jasmin have never looked back. The power of Ganja and the spiritual side to it all is what they are about here at Mandala Seeds, and you can tell much heart has gone into each and every seed they hand select to ship out.

Yeah maybe it sounds like a bunch of hippy stuff, but we love our hippy brothers and sisters at the heart of the Cannabis Communities. Without folks like this the massive industry we have today never would have been started, and it is heart-warming to see the old school trend of friends and family around Marijuana once again. Ice Head Shop is taking part, and we’re offering these seeds to you at our low prices. Go at it!