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The best of Barcelona is coming to you straight from Medical Seeds. Their operation is ironclad to ensure extreme measures of quality control are taken to bring the best genetics in the world out of their 100% Feminized Cannabis Seeds. Medical Seeds takes their time to select each parent from their hundreds of specimens, makings sure that this candidate has every single desired trait wanted in the offspring. We’re talking Intense Potency, Amazing Yields, and Mouther-Watering Flavor Profiles.

  • Medical Marijuana Seeds with Proven Spanish Genetics
  • Tons of Unique Strains Bred with Care
  • No Sacrifices to Power, Flavor, or Yield

All plants are grown completely organically in perfectly isolated breeding rooms before they are rigorously tested that checks off and makes sure any potential defects are gone and the highest possible level of stability and vigor are there. Medical Seeds completely guarantees their seeds due to their intense testing programs. Not many vendors stand by their product as much as Medical Seeds does. They really go all out to ensure their strains and seeds are the best possible in the industry. All seeds leave their site completely fresh and viable, you won’t have any problems with Medical Seeds.

Powerful, quality controlled, and absolute maximum potency, if these are characteristics you’re looking for (Why wouldn’t they be?) in your seed selection, Medical Seeds has got you covered as we here at Ice Head Shop like to only pick the best vendors from around the world, there’s no shady guys here. Medical Seeds, obviously, fits this bill but we have hundreds of all seed banks to choose from as well all with their own take on Cannabis Genetics. Take a look around and peruse to your hearts content, we have the lowest prices around and that beloved quick and discreet shipping we’re so good at. 

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