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The seeds for the dedicated connoisseur of our favorite plant. Paradise Seeds gives you a little piece of heaven right here on earth. Only top-quality Cannabis seeds with guaranteed success rates and the utmost of stability come out of this incredible Dutch Seed Bank. They know what’s important to us when it comes to Cannabis, and they give us nothing but the best. Beyond all that they’re a freakin’ institution, they’ve been on the scene since 1994 in a highly competitive market and still kept on trucking. So many other breeders couldn’t and didn’t make it during the height of the Cannabis gold rush that was the 90’s, and still continues to this day, while Paradise Seeds made it look easy. The secret is they just have the best stuff around, why wouldn’t you want your seeds from the best?

  • Every Batch Tested and Re-tested
  • Nearly 100% Success Rate
  • Absolute Genetic Stability and Purity

We Ice Heads just want the best, for ourselves and our customers, and Paradise Seeds is definitely that. They take every possible measure to make sure that the highest level of quality is achieved with each and every batch, if something goes wrong with it the whole batch is out the window to start all over. What’s cool about these guys, besides being just really awesome breeders who are setting a new industry standard with their purity, is that they take comments or ideas from just about anyone. They read over what people are saying about their strains and they listen to comments to anything that could be improved or if they have an idea for a new Cannabis Strain. This level of community involvement is amazing and has led to some really great breakthroughs in their strains, plus they make sure to give credit to anyone who was involved in the process. Fancy yourself a breeder? Paradise Seeds is the Seed Bank for you.

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