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Easy Haze (formerly K13 Haze) seeds
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The Philosopher’s Stone, the legendary alchemical process that can turn any metal into gold and grant you eternal life. Most scholars think of this as an allegory, a constant search for the impossible and bettering yourself and each other through the process. This is the mission of Philosopher Seeds, to constantly better themselves and their Cannabis Seeds through scientific methodology and rigorous testing procedures. Through this mentality they have managed to create a line of truly remarkable Cannabis Strains that are a cut-above the rest. Embark on the quest for amazing Cannabis!

These guys started way back in the 90’s when the Cannabis Gold Rush was reaching its head. They’ve been in and out of various breeding projects since then and only recently opened their doors as a singular entity in 2008. Countless hours of research and study have been poured into every single one of their completely unique strains that have taken the best genetics and fused them together to create singularly brain-meltingly strong Cannabis Seeds. Multiple collaborations from other important Seed Banks have allowed Philosopher Seeds to grow an awesome collection of Genetics. Philosopher Seeds isn’t just a seed bank, it’s an experience.

Ice Head Shop is stoked to be able to carry Philosopher Seeds here, these guys are legit champions of the Cannabis Crusade and their Seeds are nearly unbeatable. One of the true-blue passionate breeders we’re so fond of. Don’t just take our word for it, look them up, their reputation is amazing throughout the world. As always, Ice Head is giving you these girls at the best prices around with top of the line shipping. Don’t hesitate, these sell out quick.