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Can you say legendary? Positronics might be the most well-known Seedbank to ever come out of Amsterdam. That was, until they were forced to close down by the man awhile back. But the legend never dies, they’ve recently relaunched in pro-Cannabis Spain without missing a beat on their quality.  All those Champion Genetics and Award-Winning Feminized Seeds are here as well as new high-performing Autos and Medical CBD Cannabis Seeds. Welcome back boys. Glad you’re here.

  • The Highest in Stability Seeds
  • Pioneering Breeders in the Feminized Category of Cannabis Seeds
  • Multiple Top-Tier Champions

Back when they were in Amsterdam Positronics was doing ground-breaking research and pumping out champion after champion. Beyond that they basically pioneered the seedless stable Feminized Seeds we enjoy today. They were doing killer work. A little bit too good, apparently. Johnny-law came down on them, and hard. Positronics had to close shop for a little bit, but luckily for the entire world they popped back up again in Spain with most of their insane genetics still intact. Now, they’ve started collaborating with other amazing breeders, like the CBD Crew, and are pumping out the world’s best Cannabis Seeds once again. Medical Strains that’ll relax you or Potent Monsters that’ll melt your face, they’ve got it all in completely stabilized Feminized varieties. BOOM! Positronics is back, baby.

They’re still out there fighting that good fight for us all, and now here we are offering up this amazing catalogue of genuine Positronics Seeds at the Ice Head low price. Check out all of their Feminized or their new line of absolutely outstanding Auto-flowering Seeds called their express line. Only the best in unique and new Cannabis Strains are here from Positronics Seeds. Industry leader doesn’t even cut it when talking about these guys, more like Industry Champion.

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