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Feminized and Fully Auto-flowering monsters fill up the Pyramid Seeds roster. These beans are outstanding in every conceivable way. Even their names are impressive, like Auto Tutankhamen or the ever popular Nefertiti. Just cool stuff from a great breeder that isn’t messing around to bring you the good stuff. Pyramid Seeds stands out, not just because of the pretty awesome Egyptian theme they have going on, but their genetics are well-known as top-notch. They take every strain they get their hands on, and bump it up to the next level.

  • World-Class Breeder
  • 100% Feminized and Fully Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds
  • Massive Yields with Insane Potency

Pyramid Seeds is perfect for either the amateur and professional collector or breeder of Cannabis Seeds. The utmost in quality delivered to you in the form of some serious powerhouse plants that can reach upwards of 22% THC. I’m a little scared of that one, but I know you crazy kids love your potency. Their auto-flowering strains finish up with some of the best yields in the business in as little as 55-65 days, so for the impatient out there this line is for you. Their lines are bred from a collection of genetics taken from around the world in Barcelona, Spain. Spanish quality Cannabis with user-friendly ease of growth. Try to say that’s not awesome.

Oh, and did I mention the prices? They’re selling these seeds at a steal of a price, not that we didn’t negotiate it down a bit more just to shave off a bit for our lovely customers (that’s you guys). Come one, come all see the sights of the grand Pyramid Seeds Catalogue. Ice Head Shop is here to guide you through the desert of crap breeders, and bring you to the oasis we have here. Drink deep from the reservoir of bad-a** Cannabis Seeds, we have plenty to choose from.

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