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Ja Mon! We got da bes’ dank you eva see. Reggae Seeds is all about quality over quantity. They started this company back in 2006, but they’ve been breeding for a long time before that. Regular Seeds are their staple, only here ensuring their weed is staying at the pinnacle of its genetics. Reggae Seeds isn’t about that non-natural feminized stuff, but they do offer a top quality line of Feminized Seeds due to consumer demand. A full commitment to making sure every single plant is treated right and is exactly how it needs to be. This is what sets Reggae Seeds apart from the rest of the Seedbanks out there.

  • Regular and Feminized Seeds with Top-notch Genetics
  • 100% Organic Breeding Techniques
  • Passionate Cannabis Lovers Living the Dream

Reggae’s genetic selection is hand-picked from their favorites around the world. They specialize in short and compact plants that grow outwards more-so than upwards. This means they are perfect for indoor environments, as well as doing well outside. All plants are bred extensively to ensure stability, and the strains they use are known for exceeding stability before their crossbred as well. What this all culminates to is an extensive selection of reliable and potent Cannabis plants available in both Regular and Feminized seeds. Perfect for anyone interested in just plain quality over messing around with experimental strains.

Reggae Seeds has a different stance than a lot of breeders, they’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here. They just want to produce quality Seeds that you can completely depend on. Ice Head Shop went and checked out the Reggae shack, and I must say they have some truly plain great Cannabis going on there. Highly recommended for those interested in the dankest dank that won’t ever let you down. You can’t go wrong with Reggae Seeds and, of course, Ice Head Shop.

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