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Thousands of satisfied customers across the globe have one thing to say about Sagarmatha Seedbank. They rock! These guys have been at this for over 20 years, painstakingly creating a collection of Cannabis strains that are 100% the best around. Sagarmatha uses a worldwide pool of genetic material that they use to constantly update and improve their own genetics. Besides all this, their seeds are just great. Plenty of great classics along with variations of them and some completely new and unique hybrids not available anywhere else. Give a round of applause to Sagarmatha for keeping it real.

Sagarmatha Seeds is about customer loyalty. With this idea in mind they craft each and every strain through feedback that is provided to them through their world-wide network of Cannabis breeders and collectors. Nothing here is half-a**ed. Just good solid genetics from breeders who really care about the people who like their plants. They’re offering a very stable line of auto-flower and Feminized seeds now as well as their specialty line of Sagarmatha Seeds that will sure to please you in every possible way.

Dig a hole, place a magic bean in, and see what comes out. That’s how this entire idea got started. Sagarmatha Seeds are farmers and breeders with the passion and drive to continue onwards creating new and beautiful strains of Cannabis, and they enjoy every step of the process. A Happy breeder makes a happy plant which makes some happy seeds which makes a happy customer. That’s Sagarmatha Seeds. Ice Head Shop is all about this, which is why we have their full selection right here for you ordering pleasure. Give them a shot, they’re great.