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On the bleeding-edge of Cannabis innovations, SamSara Seeds is holding the doorway to the future open just for you. Modern and mega-potent, they offer up feminized and auto-feminized seeds the always deliver magnificent yields in record-breaking timespans with next to no effort. Can you think of anything else you could ever want? These guys aren’t out there following market trends to try to guess where the next big strain is going to be coming from. They are all about customer satisfaction and innovation. SamSara is out to deliver the most effective Medical Marijuana seeds that their loyal fans deserve.

  • Variety of Elite Feminized Seeds
  • Nothing but Champion Spanish Genetics in these Seeds
  • Terrifyingly Huge Yields –You Might as Well be Growing a Tree

Samsara is the Hindu and Buddhist idea of the cycle of constant renewal and reincarnation, and the breeders here operate under the same principle. No letting strains stagnate and grow old and weak, they know when a strain needs a break and they renew it with fresh genetics from time to time once it has reached the end of its life-cycle. This ensures a constant harmonious balance in each plant, aka Samsara. These are the breeders with the good karma you can trust.

SamSara is all about Cannabis as a life-style choice versus just some recreational tool to get you wasted, though that’s fun too. They want all their customers to have a great experience each and every time they choose to use one of their plants, whatever the reason or way they decide to do so. With this in mind they make sure that any and all ideas from their customers are addressed and added to their repertoire for future iterations of their strains. SamSara believes in the plant and wants nothing more than to spread the joy of great Cannabis Seeds around the world. It’s pretty beautiful.

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