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Sativas as far as the eye can see. Not everyone’s looking to get locked up on their couch all day when they partake in the plant of plants. Sativa Seedbank knows this well, and took it upon themselves to specialize in the most energetic and sometimes a little trippy Sativas strains out there. Trying to get motivated or maybe just want to see something in a more positive perspective? Go for a ride with a nice Sativa from the Sativa SeedBank.

  • Regular and Feminized Sativa Cannabis Seeds
  • Top of the Game with High-Quality Sativa Strains
  • Great Price and Great Reviews

Sativa SeedBank is another branch of the highly in-demand Nirvana SeedBank that was started up due to seriously overwhelming demand for top-notch Sativas. Specializing in one specific type of Cannabis has afforded them the ability to really rock the world with their complete and utter focus to all the positive attributes Sativa have to offer. Their entire research team is hard at work finding new ways for Sativa Strains to blow your mind. Best on a sunny day or maybe one of those mornings you wake up and just don’t want to do anything, but need to, a nice warm Sativa will brighten you right up and let you conquer the world.

How do you think we get so much work done here at the Ice Head Shop? Just coffee? As if! The Sativa SeedBank is the source for the best genetics for this perky little plant. Nothing else quite compares to a great Sativa Seed. So check it out, see if these Seeds don’t help you out of that funk a little bit. Ice Head Shop and Sativa SeedBank more than have you covered, we’ve got the lowest prices out there on these babies and our shipping is lightning fast. 100% Genuine Sativa SeedBank Seeds, got to collect them all.

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