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Producing the highest quality of Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Seedmakers is not messing around when it comes to great weed. The philosophy of accessible seeds for all types of collectors and grows is the driving force behind what Seedmakers is doing today. All seeds produced are based on the interests of a group of professional breeders on their team, taking their passions and making it part of each Seed produced at their facility. If you’re looking for some good old fashioned quality dank Cannabis, you don’t need to look further than the Seedmakers.

  • Diverse Selection of Both Unique and Popular Strains
  • Incredibly Low Prices on all their Seeds
  • 100% Quality Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The Seedmakers team spends their days scouring for new and incredible Cannabis Strains to add into their already impressive genetic library. They use these tools to their optimum potential and have created a huge line of incredible Feminized Cannabis Seeds. They produce quality first, but they have the facility to do large batches of thousands of seeds at a time allowing them to sell their product at very competitive prices, especially considering much of their genetics have stemmed from top-of-the-line bonafide champions. Improvements in the genome and making the way Cannabis Seeds are sold better, you can’t argue with those kinds of goals.

SeedmakersSeedBank is a serious contender for both the connoisseur looking for a new and interesting Cannabis Seeds or the amateur first getting into the hobby. All these seeds are kept to the highest standards of quality control. No bad batches here, Seedmakers has very high germination rates due to their adherence to complete integrity. Check out the catalogue, you’re sure to find something appealing from Seedmakers at the Ice Head Shop. Don’t forget to browse around though, all our prices are the lowest on the net and we have an amazing selection of only top-notch breeders. Have at it!

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