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The cradle of man! African Cannabis seeds evolved right alongside our most ancient ancestors, these landrace strains are the foundation for much of our huge varieties of amazing dank in the Cannabis scene today. Seeds of Africa is one of the few legit Seedbanks out there offering such a huge selection of these highly coveted Cannabis Seeds. No hybridization here, these seeds are bred purely to preserve important genetics that could easily have been lost to the history books if not for great preservationists like the ones at SoA. Have a hankering for some of the world’s greatest Cannabis? Check these guys out.

  • 100% Authentic African Landrace Strains
  • Ancient African Sativa Strains
  • Highly Reputable Cannabis Preservationists

Seeds of Africa is out on a mission to obtain, document, and preserve these great African Landrace strains that once dominated the continent. SoA considers themselves more Cannabis preservers than breeders, this means they are taking the time to not only ensure these genetics are completely stable and pure but they are also sharing the information as to where these strains are collected and the conditions they originally grew in. If you ever wanted to find yourself wanting to have a closer understanding of Cannabis history and the plant itself, SoA is the place to go.

These Sativas are not only incredibly powerful, but absolutely beautiful in both the way they grow and their absolute purity. Seeds of this tier are very difficult to find in the hybridized modern-Cannabis age we live in now. The forefathers of this movement took these seeds for granted, but luckily we have SoA to keep the legacy alive. Potent and absolutely clarity in a Sativa, it’s a dream come true. But it’s no dream at all! It’s the Ice Head Shop bringing you the best of the best, as always, at low-low prices. Shine on you crazy diamonds!

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