Advanced Cannabis Seeds that will knock your socks off in their potency –Seeds of Life uses a mixture of ancient and new technology to its full advantage to create an outstanding line of Cannabis Seeds. This Spanish based seedbank is all about finding meaning behind their strains and creating a harmonious balance between their environment and their growing efforts. All seeds are completely unique to Seeds of life and produced organically under extremely supervised conditions. You can tell it’s from Seeds of Life because the good vibes that are radiating off of each of these little beans.

  • Quality Spanish Genetics
  • Organically Grown Using A Variety of Advanced Techniques
  • Unique Seeds Found Nowhere Else

Seeds of Life have studied the technologies of the old, such as the ancient Babylonian Hydroponics of the Hanging Gardens, which strove to found a balance between man and his environment while simultaneously making sure to use only the highest quality modern organic nutrients and state-of-the-art lighting systems to make incredibly powerful and well-bred Cannabis Strains. This grow operation is easily world-class despite only recently merging onto the market. Seeds of Life has been a long-time coming and they are creating a whole new paradigm of Cannabis Growing.

We Ice Heads are really fond of any growers who take the time to realize their impact on the environment and try to achieve balance between their actions and what is good for the betterment of the plants and the ground they are grown on. Seeds of Life is a shining example of such quality breeding techniques and when we heard about them we just knew we were going to love these seeds. Guess what? We weren’t wrong. Ice Head Shop got on the phone and worked out a pretty sweet deal here for you guys, you aren’t going to beat these prices or this quality anywhere else.

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