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Looking for the next generation of Auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds? Short Stuff Seeds has it down to a science with three lines of different autos using only the best genetics and cutting-edge techniques to ensure not only stability but excellent growth and viability. Cannabis enthusiasts with a penchant for science and improving the newest type of Cannabis Seed on the market. These Auto-flowering beasts are by far the best we have seen in a long time. Due in no small part to this teams dedication to the craft and mission for excellence.

  • Huge Variety of Auto-flowering Seeds
  • Top-Quality Spanish Genetics
  • Seeds Finished in as little as 65 days

Back in the mid 2000’s these breeders got their hands on some of the Joint Doctor’s original Lowryder strain, they fell in love immediately. They were fascinated by the fact that these plants could go from seed to bud so quickly regardless of the amount of sunlight they received during the time, they saw the future in these little beans and have been pushing them forward ever since. Short Stuff offers three lines of Auto. First, the Dwarf Auto, which is like the original Lowryder but hybridized into new and interesting forms. These shorties are perfect for when space is limited or stealth is the ideal. Next Generation Autos are their second line, bigger yields than the dwarfs with a little bit longer grow time and grow much taller. It’s a nice middle ground between the dwarfs and their massive Super Autos which grow into towering trees with fantastic yields but take quite a bit longer to grow out. The gist is that Short Stuff has you covered in any type of Auto-flowering Seed you could ever want.

Short Stuff Seeds is now also officially announcing their Boutique Line which are their most advanced and experimental strains. They’re pushing the boundaries for auto-flowering seeds with their passion and the newest techniques. Master Breeders with a passion, you can’t go wrong.

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