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William's Wonder Regular Seeds - 10
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High up in the clouds, Sick Meds is out there looking out for anyone trying to get their hands on some simply wicked original and genetically superior Medical Cannabis Seeds. They specialize in revitalizing old strains that used to be all the rage until inbreeding and cloning messed their genes all up. They also have a line of strains developed specifically for medical benefits that their customers have been needing. Sick Meds produces some seriously intense Weed Seeds.

Sick Meds started out as a cooperation between a couple of breeders who have been at this for over ten years. They saw some of their favorite strains getting diluted by overbreeding and growers with less of a call to integrity to them, so they went out and made sure we could all still enjoy these great strains. But, no, they didn’t end there. Sick Meds isn’t just about the classics, they’re out there breeding their hearts out making sure that advanced and new Cannabis Strains based on the building blocks of these classics are still coming out to market. We’re talking OG strains by a new school company, it’s tight!

They’re working closely with Canna Labs and Research to really dig deep into the genetics of their plants to ensure perfect results with every batch. Quality, consistency, and respect for the plant. Got to love it, we sure do. These Cannabis seeds are available in both regular and feminized types, but with the utmost quality put into every single plant down to the microscopic level. Ice Head Shop is all about the old-school, but you got to love these crazy kids taking the classics and updating them for our modern palettes. This catalogue is dope and so is this Ganja. Have a looksee.