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SinCity Seeds

Sin City Seeds set up shop right outside fabulous Las Vegas a few years ago, and they’ve been working hard since. Whether you’re lookin’ to chill out with a recreational blend or cure what ails you with their CBD strains, you’re always guaranteed straight-up good Cannabis Seeds. Their researchers are burning the midnight oil trying to understand and improve the chemicals and genetics in Cannabis to improve its medical benefits as well as increasing the THC output for extreme potency. Sin City Seeds is a serious upcoming contender in the world of Cannabis.

  • Best American Genetics Around
  • Recreational and Medical Cannabis Seeds
  • Extreme Potency and Effective Medicinal Benefits

The researchers at Sin City Seeds aren’t exactly doctors, but they’re doing their part by developing more nuanced and effective medical strains with every single batch. Neither breeders nor patients are left behind by using their network to understand the needs of both parties, and creating entire lines just for the needs of the users. Sin City Seeds fully quality controls all of their regular and feminized seeds before being released to the public and then again with ever batch to ensure that every seed that goes into a pack is completely fresh, viable, and of the Sin City quality.

Apparently what happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay there any longer, because these sexy little beans are going global. Ice Head Shop is offering the full Sin City Seeds line up all around the world with our amazingly low prices (we had to negotiate our a** off for these) and quick yet discreet shipping that’ll keep the prying eyes of the less understanding away from your mailbox. Oh, one more thing, if Sin City Seeds doesn’t quite suit your desires we do have literally hundreds of other incredible Seed Banks to choose from. So take a tour of Sin City Seeds and the rest of our Seed Banks, there’s definitely something out there for you.

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