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Spliff Seeds has been in this game since 1995 and they’ve gone out and created the optimal Cannabis Seeds for consistent germination rates, excellent viability rates, and high female percentages. Regular Seeds with the best genetics on the market for the upcoming Cannabis Breeder. Spliff Seeds is the Seed Bank for the beginner or the expert looking for optimization in their yields and quality of Cannabis. It’s hard to beat that.

  • Optimized State of the Art Grow Rooms for the Best Genetics
  • Hand Selected Batches by Experience Professionals
  • Top of the line Amsterdam Genetics

Utmost care is taken into every single one of these Ganja Seeds, Spliff Seeds has gone all out into their facilities to ensure not only consistency in every batch but solid yields and quick grow times in their Regular Seeds. Marijuana Biologists test every plant to ensure only the best mothers and fathers are used and test after every grow to make doubly sure that the genetics are where they need to be. If a plant does not meet the standards, the whole batch is lost and started over. Not a lot of Cannabis Breeders have such faith in their product that they will do this. Integrity and great product? Sign us up.

Spliff Seeds has been on the Amsterdam Scene since 1995, they’re found in coffee shops all over the city because of one main reason: These seeds are consistent. If you’re out there looking for a seed you can trust to grow quickly, big, and have the best potent pretty buds that you love, Spliff Seeds is for you. Ice Head Shop heard about these guys through some ‘Dam connections and had to start carrying them. After a bit of testing and some negotiations we got the best prices out there on these amazing Cannabis Seeds. Check out the lineup, they will not disappoint.

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