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Brand Spankin’ New Seed Bank out of Canada but already making a name for itself, Taylor’d Genetics is quite the contender in the oncoming New-School of Cannabis. They’re a collection of breeders with decades of experience all around the industry and they’ve taken the knowledge gathered during this time and decided they are going to be the ones to create the next generation of Cannabis. They specialize in Cannabis for the modern age –that is high THC, Huge Yields, and super tasty Cannabis covered in those sticky crystals that’ll make your eyes roll back in your head.

  • The Pinnacle of New School Generics
  • Small Selection, but All are Rigorously Tested
  • 100% Feminized Seeds

Those crazy k’nucks up in the North-North America have been producing amazing Cannabis for a long time. Taylor’d Genetics has been part of this culture as its grown through the golden-age and have gotten their hands on untold volumes of knowledge and great genetic material, now they’re out there right now improving upon greatness. It’s a heavy challenge but so far they’ve proven themselves. Whatever tickles your fancy, they’re sure to have a strain that’ll satisfy you.

Taylor’d Genetics isn’t in the Cannabis game as we know it, they’re reinventing the wheel here. These plants are absolutely incredible in all aspects, and they’re still improving and making new strains all the time. The selection is limited for now, but that’s just because only the best of the best make their catalogue. The Ice Heads here were super stoked to be able to get their hands on these beasts, and they did not disappoint. Heavy Yields, Super Potency, and just plain Beautiful are all ways to describe these Cannabis Seeds. You’ve never seen anything like it, actually no one has. These are all unique to Taylor’d Genetics and Ice Head Shop is bringing them straight to you.

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