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Hailing from the Czech Republic but with global recognition, Top Tao Seeds are the place to be for the world’s best Auto-flower Cannabis seeds. They have bred the genetics from around the world, Europe, Africa, Asian, and more with their own proprietary auto-flowering blends and created completely unique, not to mention potent, auto Cannabis seeds.

  • Top Quality Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds
  • World Renowned Genetics
  • Always Low Prices

Top Tao realized awhile back the potential of the new-school of Auto Genetics and have been spending all their time and energy perfecting a new paradigm when it comes to Auto-flowering seeds. We’re talking the biggest yields and that awesome 60-70 grow times we’re all so fond of combined with genetics from around the world, you’ve never seen anything like it. These guys at Top Tao are legitimate experts in the regular Auto-flowering varieties, these aren’t feminized like a lot of seed banks do, they’re about keeping genetic quality. Organically grown as well, these guys are hardier and more stable than anything else on the market. The Superior Auto-Flower Cannabis Seed is from Top Tao Seeds.

High quality in a short time with crazy genetics from all over the place, what’s not to love? Top Tao Seeds is a rare gem in a sea of crappy Auto-flowering brands which, of course, are not at Ice Head Shop. We have integrity. We’re offering these amazing flowers up for a serious discount just because we love you, and as always that bada** discreet quick shipping that you all have come to rely on. So check out Top Tao, or if there’s something else you’re looking for there’s hundreds of other just as amazing Seed Banks listed right here at the Ice Head Shop. Look at this selection, it’s absolutely mind-blowing.

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