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Incredible Dutch Genetics from Elite Breeding stock from all over the world. Vision Seeds has created an amazing line of diverse and highly sought after Top-Tier Cannabis seeds. Every one of the best popular Strains in the world are highlighted here in this catalogue, they’ve really got it all.

  • World-Class Genetics
  • Reliable and Stable Feminized Seeds
  • Famous and Sought After Cannabis Strains

Vision Seeds sat down one day and said to themselves, “Why are all these popular strains so freaking hard to get, and when you do find them why are they so expensive?” Well that little lightbulb evolved quite quickly into a massive Seed Farm that lives to preserve everyone’s favorites strains with stabilized genetics and always viable offspring, but also the make these seeds more available to the public at a price that’s just d*mn reasonable. Every single strain with every single batch is personally tested by Vision Seeds to ensure that these plants are genetically what they need to be –completely unadulterated purity. They’re tested by friends, family, and whoever else wishes to participate. So fret not, these amazing Strains have been put through the ringer a time or two. You won’t be let down with Vision Seeds.

Yep, only the best feminized seeds get sent out by Vision Seeds. They have your back to the max. But, you know who else does? Us cool guys here at the Ice Head Shop that’s who! We’ve gone around and negotiated on the phone for you to get the best possible deals on these absolutely amazing Cannabis Seeds. You know what? We do this with every single breeder on this website. Yeah, it’s a big job but you’re worth it. If we have quality seeds, then we have quality customers. You don’t need to worry when you’re shopping with Ice Head Shop. 

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