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The most popular strains on today’s market available today from White Label Seeds. WLS is Sensi Seeds sister company, so you know you’re dealing with only quality here. The started this one up to show case just the best of the best of what people love. Full lines of Auto-flowering Seeds, Feminized Seeds, and Regular Seeds of the highest caliber. White Label Seeds is where you go where you want to be sure with what you’re getting.

  • Huge Variety of the World’s Most Famous Strains
  • Backed by Sensi Seeds –Super Trustworthy
  • Auto-flowering, Regular, and 100% Feminized Seeds

These are the highest quality strains on the market, make no doubt about it. Skunks, Kushes, and Widows abound with the best genetics possible. Outstanding Potency and just dripping with crystallized goodness. Is your mouth-watering yet? It gets better. Every one of these seeds is tested, tried, and guaranteed true by experts with decades of experience behind them. The world’s best genetics backed by one of the world’s greatest seed banks, and then tested with every batch by industry leading researchers. Holy crap! What more could you need?

White Label Seeds is incredible, but let’s take it up one more notch. Take a look at these prices, they’re unbeatable. White Label Seeds offers great prices, yeah, but Ice Head Shop took that to the next level with our industry contacts and have brought it even lower. We don’t want to burden your wallet. We just want you to have incredible dank shipped discreetly to wherever you want. So, browse the White Label Seed catalogue here. Even if you don’t see something you like, which would be surprising, we have hundreds of other Seed Banks of similar calibers all over this site. Browse away, friends, we’ve more than got you covered at the Ice Head Shop. We got the goods!

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