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C.B.D. Seeds

Look no farther for the highest quality and just plain astounding seeds you’re good to go here at the Ice Head Shop with this excellent CBD Seeds selection. CBD Seeds has met with professionals from all over the world to bring us feminized seeds that’ll knock your socks off, we’ve got classic lineages and hybridized varieties. We’re talking a seed bank that just knows what their consumers want, and that’s potency, yield, the classics, and a little bit of specialties to keep you on your toes. Wouldn’t have them here if they weren’t excellent seeds.

  • Excellent Variety of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrids
  • Quality Plants with Supreme Yields
  • Grow Great in All Types of Environments

So, yeah, I’ve talked them up and maybe they’re a bit unknown but let me say we’ve tested these guys out. It’s good sh*t fellas. You’ve got seeds that’ll grow great outdoors, indoors, wherever you want. Consistent yields and great potency across the board with the genetics and lineages that you all crave. You want a recommendation? Try out that Shark they’ve got going on. Huge quantities of resin, she’s a frosty girl, you won’t believe your eyes when you see this one spring up.

                Ice Head Shop stands by our seedbanks, we test them all out for you and we make sure that these guys are producing the quality that we want and that you want. But look at these prices, we’re good at negotiatin’ folks. Are you going to say these aren’t the best prices around? I don’t think so, we’ve got it going on here at Ice Head Shop. Order up, browse that catalogue, enjoy our spectacular shipping service; I’m not going to stop you. All our seeds are excellent to the 10th degree and our suppliers are spectacular. Ice Head’s got your back.

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