Mango Seeds


Mango Seeds



Mango is a regular cannabis seed strain available at Ice Headshop that is courtesy of the breeders and growers over at Blimburn Seeds. Mangos are said the help increase ones high and give you a better buzz. If that's the case then why not make it twice as nice by smoking Mango too? Even if you don't smoke it, the acquisition of these premium cannabis seed genetics to your collection is something anybody would be proud of. Mango is a predominantly indica strain that stems from KC 33 and a Mango cross. This 100 percent indica dominant strain is no joke when it comes to packing the punch you're looking for.

This is one pretty lady who will show off some gorgeous buds. Flowering time is in estimated 60-75 days or better depending on the conditions of the environment in which your lady is being cultivated in. Of course the more experience or the more you know the better the production and results will be from your overall grow. THC counts with this amazing bud come in ranging at 20% or better. There have even been reports of growers reaching the 30 percent bracket with THC percentages.

After all 30 years of being grown by a hippie who knew what they wanted to smoke gives this strain of cannabis some phenomenal background to its genetics. These are definitely the seeds you want to put in your collection. You'll have no problem showing these off to all your family and friends. They'll be jealous when they see that you've acquired seed genetics that are better than theirs and will have to know where you got home from. If you feel so kind you can share your connection so that your friends and family won't end up with bunk cannabis seeds. Tell them to order their premium cannabis seed genetics online at Ice Headshop.

It is illegal to grow cannabis seeds in the UK. These seeds are for collectable and/or souvenir purposes only.

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Vital Stats

Additional Information

SEEDBANK BlimBurn Seeds
Type N/A
Version N/A
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor & Outdoor
Type / Sex Feminised Seeds
Strain Haze Strains
Autoflowering / Photoperiod Non-Autoflowering
Flowering Time Indoors 10 Weeks or More
Flowering Time Outdoors Mid November
Pack Size Pack of 3
Indica / Sativa Indica-Sativa 50/50
THC Average
Yield Good

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