metal cigarette snorter

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metal cigarette snorter

SKU: 312

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Useless - Don't buy.

I mistakenly thought that this snorter would have entrance and exit holes (found at each end of the snorter) to have the circumference of the actual cigarette - or at least relatively close in size. Instead this is a life size metal cigarette shaped snorter, which has an exit hole the size of a pin prick one end and a minutely bigger pin prick sized entrance hole at the other end. Therefore the use of the item is pointless - yes, the shape of the base end is sufficient to allow research substance to travel into the snorter tube itself - but it doesn't come out of the other end as the exit hole is just far too small. It just gets trapped in the tube itself. So not only do you waste money on buying the snorter, but you also waste money on any accompanying research equipment purchased to go with the snorter, when it disappears into the snorter only to never be seen again - such as I have. Very disappointed this Christmas Season.

Review by Zobo / (Posted Dec 28, 2015 )
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