Nepal Highland Seeds


Nepal Highland Seeds



Nepal Highland cannabis seeds from the master breeders and growers at Cannabiogen Seeds are an incredible way to increase the value of your cannabis seed collection. When you want to procure the best cannabis seeds on the market you've landed your ass in the right spot my friend. The only thing cooler than being cool is being ice cold and you can be ice cold cool when you buy your cannabis seeds online at Ice Headshop. This type of cannabis seed genetics are not the thing you see every day. Some people are not even lucky enough to ever see these in a lifetime. You my friend have a gift for landing yourself in the right place at the right time as these are absolutely phenomenal cannabis seeds to acquire for your cannabis seed collection.

With an average flowering time of 50 to 60 days these lovely ladies will start to strut their stuff. When these pretty ladies do decide to strut their stuff it truly is a sight to behold. Glistening sparkly trichome covered buds that are jam-packed full of sticky icky resin will be your reward. Even the calyxes on these ladies are simply remarkable. They are like fingers drenched in diamonds holding on to these lovely buds. It's almost as if the plant didn't want to let go. THC percentages come in at around 18% on a consistent basis. The high THC percentage makes this a great medication for everyday consumers.

When harvest time comes around the yard you get is a nice one. With an average of 400 to 500 grams per square meter for indoor grows these lovely ladies are producers. You can say they really put out. Outdoor grows see between 90 to 150 grams per plant though this number can be raised with the little simple preparation. These branches will grow massive outdoors and with the proper support your yield is only limited by your ability as a grower. If you haven't already ordered these incredible cannabis seeds I'm not sure what you're waiting for. Don't be the one that doesn't have that perfect cannabis seed collection and let your buddy show off one that's better than yours. After all the goal of a good cannabis seed collection is to acquire the best genetics on the planet so that you can give all your friends and major stoner boner when they see your cannabis seeds.

It is illegal to grow cannabis seeds in the UK. These seeds are for collectable and/or souvenir purposes only.

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Vital Stats

Additional Information

SEEDBANK CannaBiogen
Type N/A
Version N/A
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor & Outdoor
Type / Sex Feminised Seeds
Strain Pure Sativa Strains
Autoflowering / Photoperiod Non-Autoflowering
Flowering Time Indoors 10 Weeks or More
Flowering Time Outdoors Early September
Pack Size Pack of 5
Indica / Sativa Pure Sativa
THC Average
Yield Good

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