Silverstar Haze Seeds


Silverstar Haze Seeds

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took three of the most well known and loved strains of cannabis and combined them into one? This evidently was the question on the mind of the breeders at Bulldog seeds when they did just that to create the phenomenal genetics I'm about to tell you about. The breeders at Bulldog Seeds crossed Northern Light, Haze, and Skunk # 1 to develop and give birth to a strain known as Silver Star Haze. If you have ever experienced any of these parents trains you are ready know that combining them together could only result in some blazin and amazing genetics.

• 10-11 Weeks Flowering Time
• Incredible Genetics

Silver Star Haze offers a good balance of sativa and indica lineage however its effects are very sativa like as well as its size and shape when being cultivated. This train provides very uplifting and stimulating cerebral effects without any couch lock "I want to take a nap" vibes. The flavors and aromas of this delectable strain are said to be very natural, earthy and even spicy to some.

These beautiful genetics are feminized seeds and will provide a very bountiful yield of nugs that are blanketed with trichomes. In just 10 to 11 weeks these gorgeous ladies will begin to show you their stuff and when they do they are sure to impress. Whether you are looking for a strain that will have you feeling elevated or if you are just looking for some timeless genetics to add to your collection you should check out these Silver Star Haze seeds by the breeders at Bulldog seeds available here at

It is illegal to grow cannabis seeds in the UK. These seeds are for collectable and/or souvenir purposes only.

Vital Stats

Additional Information

SEEDBANK Bulldog Cannabis Seeds
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor & Outdoor
Type / Sex Feminised Seeds
Strain Haze Strains
Autoflowering / Photoperiod Non-Autoflowering
Flowering Time Indoors 10 Weeks or More
Flowering Time Outdoors Early September
Pack Size Pack of 5
Indica / Sativa Indica-Sativa 50/50
THC Average
Yield Good

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