Its like a Nectar card for party people, Yet far more rewarding!

ICE MyRewards, A great system in a credit crunch to get you more for your dough! For every £1 spent you receive 1 point, & every 12 points equal £1. So shop with ICE Every time & before you know it you will have amassed enough for a free Shopping Spree.

Reward Coins

As long as you know your email, & remember your password.... All you ever will need to do is spend your free cash, No hassle!! You could take a slice out of that Vaporizer you've been eying up, or even get it for free, Grab yourself an Oz of Spellweaver or Mary joy if your a big spender... There are no limits to the amount you can accumulate with a 5-year redeemable period.

If your a serious powder research enthusiast, or a regular Incense user you could literally amass an unlimited amount of free produce!!

Reward Coins

Watch your points accumulate & splash out on freebies!!, Or just reduce your bill!! for example:

*Spend £50 with us, You'll get £5 worth of points to redeem
*Spend £100 with us, You'll get £10 worth of points to redeem
*Or gradually accumulate from 1 to 1,000,000 Points & hit us with it! Its up to you!!
**Unlimited accumulation, 5 years to redeem**

Here's how it works:

1. Once you've placed your order "And it has Completed", your MyRewards Point will be redeemable immediately.

2. If you wish to view your Ice points, simply go to MyRewards.

3. To redeem them just ensure your logged in, & when you go through the checkout use the yellow "Reward points" box to redeem however many of your points you like.

4. Thats it! You're now ready to save on your purchase. Upon placing your order, your available ICE Rewards cash will automatically be deducted from the total purchase amount.

For more ICE MyRewards info see Terms & Conditions.

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