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Get yourself premium quality CBD isolates - the purest form of cannabidiol available and 100% legal in the UK!

What is CBD isolate?

CBD isolate is the most potent, concentrated form of the active cannabidiol, available in a crystalised powder.

Crystal or powder?

It’s both. CBD isolate is a crystalline form of CBD that looks like a white powder. It only contains the isolate and can be very powerful as it's highly concentrated – 99% pure. In fact, it’s the purest form of the active chemical cannabidiol, which is extracted from cannabis plants using CO2.

Key characteristics

  • 99% pure isolate crystals
  • Odourless and tasteless
  • 0% THC - non-psychoactive

  • What is it used for?

    CBD isolate gives you unparalleled choice and puts you in control of how much you have per serving. It can be used for dabbing and in the manufacturing of cbd oils, cbd vapes and a range of other products, like food supplements, as it’s odourless and tasteless.

    How is it made?

    The CBD active agent in cannabis is isolated and then extracted using a method involving CO2. Once isolated, it is refined so that the final crystalised powder is 99% pure CBD.

    This is achieved by removing traces of any other cannabinoids (a cannabis plant has about 85 cannabinoids), terpenes, and any other elements that exist in hemp which are not CBD, and then cooling it into a pure isolate powder.

    Our isolate range

    At ICE Headshop we stock the best range and have the cheapest prices in the UK, meaning you can stock up with us when you order. We have top brands like Harmony, which are leaders in this niche, and we will deliver to you securely and discreetly.

    These high quality CBD crystals are 99% pure CBD isolate with 0% THC (non-psychoactive) and have been tested and certified by a third party lab. This means you can shop in confidence and if you’re new to ICE Headshop, read some of our fantastic reviews to get to know us a bit better.

    Wholesale and retails amounts

    We offer our great isolates for both wholesale and retail use:

  • Wholesale CBD isolate - 10G - 10KG
  • Retail CBD isolate - 250MG - 10G

  • Order today and get in touch with any questions on any of our products. You can email us on [email protected], or via our contact form.

    Storage and application

  • Store away from direct sunlight
  • Keep cool and dry
  • Use micro weighing scales to measure doses

  • Are these the best CBD isolates in the UK?

    We certainly think so and that’s exactly why we stock them. We even ship some of them from Colorado, USA, for the UK market and really believe that quality and purity are essential. We strive to offer you the best choice in everything we do, and this is no exception.

    Please note these products are not intended for medical purposes. Always consult a doctor. They are also not eligible for ICE offers.

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