When it comes to CBD Oils, Satijah has strived to be one of the best, which is why you can find it here at ICE Headshop! The Satijah team develop their oils from certified hemp origins that have been cultivated since 2011, and extract the CBD using tried and tested lab methods.

By the time it gets to you, the potency is accurate and the CBD has been combined with enjoyable aromas perfect for vaping. With a THC-free formulation, you can rest assured it does exactly what it says on the tin (so to speak)! With more flavours in development, you can introduce yourself to this brand with their first two flavours, Classis Hemp and Moroccan Mint. 100% nicotine free, they're available in 10ml bottles with 50mg of high quality CBD.

So, stock up today and get impressed! When you shop with us you also earn ICE points to get 10% off future orders.

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