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A Comprehensive Overview of CBD Solids: Usage, Benefits, and More

Posted: January 19, 2024 | Author: Blog Upload

Want to learn more about CBD solids? You're in the right place! In this blog guide, we will be providing a comprehensive overview of CBD solids, including their usage, benefits, and more. We will also be providing tips on how to smoke CBD solids and get the most out of your experience, which will be helpful no matter your experience level.

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What are CBD solids?

CBD products are increasingly popular and with so many uses and applications it is no surprise that we're seeing many new and innovative products. CBD solid products are among the most exciting because they are made in much the same way that cannabis resin is made.

This means that the resin can be rolled and smoked in order to reach your desired effects and get the potential health benefits of cannabidiol. CBD solids can be made in a variety of ways; each process separates the trichomes from the flowers (the trichomes are the crystal-like hairs found on the flowers that contain high levels of CBD and terpenes), which are then rolled or pressed into a solid state resin.

This resin can then be smoked in a device like a bong or smoking pipe, or rolled and mixed with a herb of your choice - tobacco, chamomile flowers and premade purpose-designed smoking mixes are popular.

Smoking CBD solid does not cause psychoactive effects or any kind of 'high' but you may experience the relaxation and de-stressing effects that CBD is renowned for.

The benefits of CBD solids

Much like other CBD products, CBD solids offer a range of potential benefits and many properties that can be beneficial. CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system and may help to manage the unwanted symptoms of many different ailments. Many people suggest full spectrum CBD because of the reportedly increased effects due to the 'entourage effect'.

Using CBD solids to treat unwanted symptoms may be right for you if you're interested in a slightly less conventional wellness product. CBD is thought to be effective in helping reduce symptoms of:


  • Stress symptoms and disorders like PTSD
  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Seizures
  • Depression

Due to the way that CBD solid is made, you can be sure to find some highly concentrated and potent products. What is good about solids is that if you opt for a high-strength product then you don't have to inhale lots of smoke or vapour, just the occasional bit to get your dose.

CBD solids vs other popular CBD products

You may be wondering how CBD solid products differ from other more well-known products like CBD oils, CBD isolate, CBD edibles and CBD vape liquids. CBD solids are made from very much the same thing, predominantly the hemp plant. There are a few exceptions where products are made from cannabis sativa plants but these are generally in places where cannabis is legal for medical and or recreational use.

The main difference between these other products and CBD solid products is that the CBD used in extracts, tinctures, CBD oil, edibles and more is extracted using chemical processes like Co2 extraction, solvent extraction and olive oil extraction and then further mixed with a carrier oil or different kinds of liquids to create the end product.

A CBD solid, on the other hand, is very pure in that it is made only from the female hemp flowers and pressed or rolled into what is essentially hash. There are a few popular methods for this:


  • Water extraction or "bubble hash" - Made simply using icy cold water, a sieve and agitation. This separates the trichomes and crystals from the plant matter, which is then collected and pressed or rolled into hash.
  • Dry-sieving - Probably the oldest method for creating cannabis concentrates. Easily done by sieving dry flowers through a series of screens leaving a concentrated cannabinoid product.
  • Hand rubbing - This is the method used in (originally) the Himalaya mountains and Afghanistan to extract a resin/hash substance known as charas. Charas is made by rubbing the flowers of the cannabis plant until a thick layer of resin is covering the palms, it is then scraped, collected and often rolled into balls or lumps ready for use.
  • Solvent extraction - Used to make 'Honey oils' or 'BHO', is an extraction where a solvent is used to dissolve the cannabinoids before being evaporated. It is worth noting that this is the method most likely to leave contaminants.

CBD solids do not need a carrier oil or added products in order to make them bio-available or ready for use. Smoking CBD solids still has the potential therapeutic benefits and effects of CBD that you might expect from a vape CBD or CBD edible.

Generally, when the term CBD solids is used it is referring to a CBD hash equivalent, a dark resinous substance that is sometimes crumbly and sometimes sticky or a combination of both. It resembles cannabis resin and hash products almost identically and can be identified by its aroma when crumbled or burned.

What you may find on the market are other types of extracts that also fall under this bracket of 'CBD solids':


  • CBD shatter - A 'dab-able' concentrate made from CBD isolate. A "dab rig" is a bong device used for smoking special extracts of cannabinoid-rich products. Dab rigs have a plate or bowl which gets heated by a torch, then the extract of choice gets dropped into the bowl and vaporised ready for inhalation via a water chamber and mouthpiece.
  • CBD diamonds and sauce - Diamonds and sauce is an extracted CBD product that contains CBD crystals in a resinous CBD gloop. Similar to shatter CBD diamonds and sauce can be smoked in a dab rig, or added to e-liquids and other products.
  • CBD flowers - CBD flowers are natural CBD flowers that have been harvested from female hemp plants. They are CBD rich and often contain a small amount of other cannabinoids. They are used for smoking to get the potentially beneficial properties of CBD.


There are many amazing CBD solid products available on the market, products derived from hemp plants that are completely natural and contain a high concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids where desired. You can treat these solids like hash made from cannabis sativa, crumble them up or roll them into little sausages (depending on the consistency).

It is worth noting that things like shatter and diamonds and sauce will not be able to be crumbled or rolled out; a specialist dab rig or vaporising device is required.

Usage and consumption methods for CBD solids

CBD solids are similar to cannabis hash and can be used in the same ways. People use CBD solids for specific purposes, like aiding sleep, certain types of pain relief, for relaxation, or to reduce the symptoms of anxiety or depression, and there are many ways in which it can be done.

Here are some of the most popular ways to smoke a CBD solid and pros and cons:

Rolling CBD solids

For a long time, the most popular method of smoking cannabis products has been rolling it into a cigarette with tobacco, a herbal mix, or simply on its own. Rolling can be an art form and there are many ways to do it but it will take some practice, which may be a con to some.

A pro of rolling your solids is that you can smoke a bit and see how you feel without needing to overdo it. Rolling with just CBD solid hash may prove unfruitful as it probably won't burn properly and will waste a lot of product - try using some CBD flower to mix it and aid in the burning process.

Pipes, bongs and other water pipes

These fairly common devices have been used for arguably thousands of years and are still popular today. Most bongs and other water pipes have a vase-like body that contains water through which the smoke is drawn and filtered. This is done by inhaling on the mouthpiece to draw the water through the smoke which filters and cools it.

Pipes are even simpler devices which have a bowl at one end and a mouthpiece at the other, and you simply light and inhale. There is no water filtration in a regular pipe though so the smoke can be a little harsh. You can use CBD solids in bongs and all manner of pipes with or without tobacco or a herbal smoking mix.

Bong smoking CBD solid is a good replacement for smoking with herbs and or tobacco as you will be inhaling less plant matter. CBD solids come in different concentrations and strength profiles so you can get a dose quickly without the need for smoking large amounts of plant material.

A downside of bongs is that they contain spillable water and require maintenance to ensure a clean and fresh smoking experience, so take care of these devices to avoid any issues.

Vaporisers and dabs

Many CBD enthusiasts and smokers worldwide have used, own or know about vaporisers and dab rigs. These powerful and often hi-tech bits of smoking equipment use very high temperatures to vaporise many types of cannabinoid and herbal products, and there is a great deal of choice in equipment to suit your needs and experience levels.

CBD solids can work very well in vaporisers and dab rigs but be sure to check the capabilities of your equipment.

Tips for beginners

It's recommended to find a product that is in line with your needs and suits your lifestyle, as well as meeting your individual strength requirements and flavour preferences. If you're not sure about your strength needs then consult a healthcare professional. It is commonly also advisable to start with a small amount or dose of your CBD solid and to make a note of any effects.

Pipes and bongs are very simple to use and take little preparation whereas rolling can be a bit trickier to get right. We stock plenty of beginner-friendly smoking devices as well as papers, herbal smoking mix and even pre-rolled cones that you can fill up without the need to roll.

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Safety and side effects

Of course, as you are probably aware, smoking is not good for your health and can cause addiction (if you use tobacco) and lung damage as well as more serious conditions like emphysema and cancer. The combustion and inhalation of any product is not recommended by doctors or healthcare professionals.

Cannabinoid concentrates that can be vaporised could be a potentially healthier alternative to traditional smoking when treating symptoms of things like chronic pain, anxiety, sleep disorders and more as there is less plant matter combustion and dosage can be easily controlled.

Always consult your healthcare professional if you have any concerns about using cannabinoid products or are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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