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Fast delivery, arrived the next day. Herbals were better than expected and great customer service. It's also easier to order with their new card system so no need to phone up anymore.
lydia Apr 25, 2017  Fast delivery, arrived next day! First order was made through the phone order option, great customer service and the lady I spoke to was very nice. Products themselves were better than anticipated and I saved money by buying it in a bundle rather than separately. Overall, i'm impressed.
Nothing else to say!!!
Daniel Apr 22, 2017  Dear ice you are back for me in a big way when the pessimist's doubt your products, Cherry bomb!!!
super speedy service!
lisa Apr 07, 2017  Just received my order!! I only ordered yesterday after 1pm so 10/10 for fast efficent service! I only selected recorded delivery also so super speedy! I also had to ring as my card wouldnt work and the lady i spoke with was friendly and well mannered and resolved this by taking paymemt via phone. 10/10 so far! Now am gping to try my cbd vape juice and hopefully that will b just as good as the shops service!! I will definatly be using these again if i decide to try a few of the items the stock! Its like a sweetie shop and when you look you just cant decide wich ones you want with so much choice! X
100% top quality company
John Mar 17, 2017  Top company to work with dam and his staff are some off the best to work with I will be doing alot more business with them 100% top quality fast delivery
Kris Mar 08, 2017  Great fast service , great product with great relaxing effect . Will be buying more.
Great service every time
gizmopig Feb 10, 2017  Great customer service, always :) the ice people are doing their best and do their best to sort things and deliver quickly, every time. Never giving up, we love you ice.
Excellent service
cLaRe Feb 05, 2017  Fast delivery ! First time here, I was a little sceptical, but presently surprised. I purchased the original flavour also received a strawberry flavour freebie, nice little bonus. Thank you. Even tho I wished I got the strongest one now I have to say they both taste vile lol even mixed with my normal juice, it's hard to hide that taste. What tastes bad makes you better, so my mother once told me!
Make sense with this incense!
Sideways Feb 02, 2017  Mild calming effects. An interesting aroma!
great site
james Jan 16, 2017  top site great customer service great site good products great prices and give aways
Timmsy Jan 11, 2017  Superb company a pleasure to deal with
Lucy Jan 09, 2017  Great customer care, professional, no issues. Fast delivery. Would definitely recommend and purchase again
Happy again!
Doreal Dec 21, 2016  We don't drink but do enjoy a relax so was most unimpressed with law changes but once again my man and I are happy. It's early days but the new Sweet Mary Jane an't too bad, looking forward to trying new Lemon haze
Great products, good price, discrete delivery.
Tarzan Dec 17, 2016  In light of the recent changes, I am very happy with these products. They make the difference between going to bed and staying up to do whatever you enjoy doing in a focused manner. Previous reports of weeknight enjoyment depend on your application, but you all know the score. Enjoy :)
tell that smokey
Graham beard Dec 06, 2016  If Smokey didnt tell you that shit, Then those fuckin 4 rectangles the fuck did!! I swear by thee... ICE SHOP Pisses that down
manic love
smokey Nov 09, 2016  times are a given, tell em smokey told ya!
Behemoths of brilliance
timelord Nov 09, 2016  I broud a quad of specials & tanked that doke, early foke i mean that!!! Luvly
The soul people
H-tothe-O-tothe-N-tothe-E-tothe-Y-tothe-G Nov 09, 2016  A true bedrock of the fuck u party, hereby saluted
Acidhead Oct 20, 2016  est Shop
placed a few orders now and always above satisfied with quality and despatch times. thumbs up guys!
SickBot Oct 01, 2016  Fanbloodytastic!
Raz d'Or Sep 04, 2016  Haven't tried the strongest cape yet, but can confirm the other two are relaxing, yet not generating a "high" in any sense. Shame the incenses are gone - 15 happy and safe years of that kind of thing, I'm very sporty, very musical and multi-lingual person, secret to a safe bit of fun was basically not being an alchy!
wonderful quality
Mazza Sep 04, 2016  Great service and prompt delivery. Most importantly,great quality of products ordered!
Great online head shop, fab quality and offers mad.
Emzie Aug 30, 2016  The best and in the end now the only head shop online and I can't say thanks enough for great sales and great quality.
Pulled the cat out the bag
dingdanddollypong Jul 26, 2016  Ice..... *Institution (of)- *Chemical- *Exemplary .....The ban came, it done its job.. Yet ice pulled that friggin cat out the bag.. Legally & i think the new products will stay.. most certainly shouldnt cause the fun police issue all safe.. tested their hemp buds as an honorary customer, you guys are gunna love a cuppa when its out!!!
I'd like to thank them for their professionalism again many thanks.
Anthony Jul 09, 2016  The Staff at ICE have gone beyond what I expected to make sure I got my order and I would like to thank them for their professionalism again many thanks.
PAULMOLY Jun 21, 2016  What can i say apart from THOSE GOOD ALL DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!!! My experiments are going really well when i mix.!! on there owe no so well my plant seam to wither!!!!! My order was late and to be honest i was gutted but you pulled it out the bag with the extra bottle (NICE ONE ICE)which is needed for successfull experiments !! I will be placeing another order asap.
my mistake... sorry
Ronan Jun 20, 2016  i did write a bad review but i take it back.. i should never of doubted this site... great products and even better customer service. keep it up.. my next order will be following.. 5 star all the way..
Duchess Jun 12, 2016  Sad to see the old stuff go but going to continue with these great guys on their new venture. always great service and super fast delivery. thanx Ice guys xx
awesome service best products ever!!!!
audrey May 25, 2016  guys you have been the best so sad to see you go! excellent customer service,quick delivery,had some of the best times thank you to you all,i salute you! !!!!! going to miss the old stuff but will definatley be a customer on a new venture with yourselves!!!
Ok, So they do seeds well too!!
Billy the kid May 24, 2016  Ordered my first cannabis seeds order yesterday, Today here they are.... OK ICE, ill find a fault one day :) From strength to strength, Cant wait to collect more of these babys!!
Back to Baby Bio Sigh...
DizzeeRascal May 24, 2016  Ice Ice babies, what can I say other than I am so gutted that this is it, final order received and for one last time only, my plants will be in full euphoric, bloomfull bliss.. I want to thank you for the excellent, speedy and efficient service you have provided for the 2 years since I discovered your wonderful site. Any queries, automatically dealt with, any wrong orders received, quickly rectified with freebies thrown in, super value for money and automatic emails sent to keep you in the loop. Total pleasure to deal with and so sad that this is it. Maybe one day in the future, who knows, we will have the pleasure of dealing with you again....Meantime, all the best, thank you so much, the plants and I salute you mwah.
Ice,Ice Bye bye
Ravin' I'm Ravin May 20, 2016  I've said it b4....and I'll say it again "Definitely May be a Dick!" With summer coming We were looking 4ward to our 1st all-nighter in the greenhouse with it getting warmer. I was there in the 90s,acted serious in the 00's but didn't like it,so it was helloooooo I.H.S. Loved every moment!Boys,Girls enjoy this last weekend.....I've got some special David Bellamy remixes for My plants this weekend,We're going out in style here on The Saff Coast! It's been a totes pleasure My Treacles. You Salute Us.......WE fricking Love You
Goodbye and keep the faith
Richiefirefly May 07, 2016  Well as I said to you people I only discovered you a few weeks ago and my one and only order of BLOW was how my venus fytrap remembered when I gave her her first sample EUPHORIC. I see its sold out lads so I dont know about any of your other chemicals, by the wy thankyou for the empty packets I requested you outta see the mirage I made it is utter cool im signing off now, enjoy your existence and keep the peace....
Give Royal Mail tracking number sooner if possible please ICE
iDIDN'TgetRIPPEDoffTHANKyouICE May 05, 2016  ICEHEADSHOP did give me my Royal Mail tracking information ! They are as trusted as always. Thank you ICE. YOUR STILL THE BEST EVER!!!! I shouldn't even have question your trustworthiness.
Top of the pops
Cleaner May 01, 2016  The best better than all the rest Wish it didn't have to end. As so much still unknown
Paul Apr 28, 2016  I think Theresa May would reconsider the Psychoactive ban if she had used Ice´s tremendous service. Chill the fuck out Tessa, you tit!
waqar Apr 21, 2016  i am a returning customer. great service from the site and delivery is on time too. does what it says on the can but dont have any incentives other than icepoints, as i used another supplier and ordered the joker 10g for just £24 (from expresshighs), prices are standard but otherwise, great cust service and very on point.
100% recommend
Korma Apr 18, 2016  I've used these guys for a while and I have never gone back to anyone else!! Good prices and good products fantastic customer service if I email them they reply within minutes!! 100% recommend
Marry me?
Annoying customer Apr 18, 2016  I hope the guys at ice get some time to read these reviews because it really is testament to their hard work and excellent service. You guys make this the place that we all love coming back to, so truly thank you! As to the products etc, service is always top notch. The products are excellent as well. A couple of bad ones but that's not the shops fault. The review system works brilliantly and gives everyone as much info as possible without going against the rules. I love what you guys do and long MAY you prosper!! <3
bobmarley Apr 13, 2016  The only one there is.... there has been.... im Soooo glad I was alive in this era... We bloody love you ICE!!... Peace ;) xxxxx
Great Service
Brian Apr 13, 2016  Tried the Spice for the first time and its a winner. Its also nice to go back to my old favourite Pandora's Box which had a very generous 3grams in the bag. As usual my package arrived within 24 hours of my order being placed, well done !!
Caz Apr 13, 2016  The first time ever that I've had something which has been absolutely useless. No effect whatsoever , better off giving my plant coffee to help it grow. COLUMBIANA is the offending item. It did have some good reviews but I think that was a long time ago. This was a real waste of money & I cannot stress enough to avoid this. This review will probably not be shown but it's the truth. Stick to Go Cane which I would have bought but it was out of stock. whether I will bother buying again from here after this rubbish , I'm not sure. I'm sure other people have said the same but their reviews probably haven't made it either. Very Disappointed.
If there was an Academy award ceremony for the industry, ICE would win the lifetime achievement award.
The Mad Professor Apr 12, 2016  Where have you been all my life? If Icehead were a person, I'd propose marriage without even insisting on a pre-nup. For those of us who have been in applied biological research for decades, this was the exact resource we were missing. I'd have a Nobel prize by now. Trustworthy supplier, extensive product range (allowing for research across the board), however demanding the lab tests you design. Helpful, patient, reliable service and efficient almost to a fault. A dream come true, frankly. Quality, choice, accessibility, safety. A thoroughly modern company delivering good old fashioned service.. When that actually counted for something. Think Fortnum & Masons, not Lidl.
Great customer service
Loopyloo Apr 08, 2016  Great item
Just great
Gagik Apr 07, 2016  Great product and very discreetly and well packed.
Fastest delivery i've ever seen
itZBlazey Apr 07, 2016  Apocalypse Black F2 Delivery was near enough instant absolutely insane and signed 5 Star Service, will be using this from now on
benjamin Apr 06, 2016  top site, very pleased with high quality products, got a large range of these harder to find incense which smells great on the burner stick, highly recomend this site, and brilliant customer service, will deffo be making more purcheses, thanks
Best regards
Yousef Apr 02, 2016  Everything goes perfect with ice headshop
louise Apr 02, 2016  Great news that the ban is not coming. Always great service .Happy days
Best Place On Net
Ezzay Apr 01, 2016  Used other websites and this was the only one who not only delivered, but delivered fast. Heads up for Pink Panthers
Everything Perfect
Janet Apr 01, 2016  Perfect Shopping Place , Bought some Kratom and selection of herbal incense , mixed a pinch of each , with a drop of hemp essential oil and a pinch of nm2201 for melting point research, fantastic aroma , WOW
Top class service.
valleybhouyinexile Mar 31, 2016  Top class service. In the course of my 'research' I've purchased a number of products from ICE and they have delivered on every one of them. Customer service is second to none.
UK Ban
Edward Mar 31, 2016  Great news that UK ban has been put back till May 1st and that's even is it does
Top Bannana
Jason Mar 30, 2016  Where there is a will there is a way , You guys aint gone just re-mustering ....Thank You for the excellent Service provided throughout
Outstanding Service
Jason Mar 30, 2016  Outstanding service, Shame to see our version of Aromatherapy Ending on the 6th April , Your incenses have served us proud
Happy plants, happy customer
Flutterbye Mar 28, 2016  Great service great products thanks guys!
Great service and products
mwthedon Mar 28, 2016  I am a very satisfied customer. After spending a couple of years sampling them I have found ack mamba the best by far. Helping me relax and unwind in a way no othe does. Great service and fast efficient delivery. Also a very good informative web site.
Mr happy Mar 25, 2016  Can 1st class be delivered on Saturday.. Brought Thursday morning .. Found out its good Friday!!.. No post for anyone today. But online it says Saturday 26 March Normal Saturday service Royal mail.. .. Help? .. And cant believe the lovely people from ice head are being shut down .. This is truly sad times
Just sayin'
Theresa big plants Mar 10, 2016  Definitely May be a Dick.......................................
Davie bhoyyy 95 Mar 09, 2016  Ice head shop is absolutely brilliant was a bit weiry on ordering but i did and it arrived the very next day 10/10 guys great work you have a new customer
Great products and great service. Dynamite.
Paul Mar 09, 2016  Five star!
very happy great staff
Maxff Mar 09, 2016  just had a bank problem with payment methods on my account so phoned in and got amazing help just wanted to say 10 out of 10 customer services :)
Head trip
Jen Mar 04, 2016  Head trip is 1 of the best
K2 blueberry
Jen Mar 04, 2016  Ordered this product off here as 1 of my favourites but k2 summit came instead hopefully there is more K2 blueberry as need to get more more more before yous go fab crew
Kimmie Mar 02, 2016  Excellent products and excellent service and comms. Thankyou!
Ice headshop
Jay diddy Feb 29, 2016  Truly sad times sorry to lose an excellent service
Deffo come
BLUE Feb 27, 2016  Loved how quick and easy it is to use and safe
TOP CLASS Feb 26, 2016  Used my ice points and got 3g of Annihilation for something crazy like £5.50!!!! Next day delivery almost every time. Shame the government couldn't spend more time removing bedroom tax and increasing minimum wage instead of taking away people's freedom of choice. Top class
We love you too
ICE HEADSHOP Feb 23, 2016  Were inundated with messages of condolence.. We will manifest into a new product we hope you all enjoy.. In the meantime, ICEHEADSHOP love to you all!!!
fantastic product
attila Feb 23, 2016  i am really satisfied;-) fast discret delivery,fantastic experience.i'll buy again and again
paulf Feb 21, 2016  Fair well , the best service ever !
Amazing ervice
B0ws Feb 16, 2016  Great service and value for money! Best headshop in the world
damn shame
stu30 Feb 16, 2016  just like to say its a damn shame the ice head shop is going to close i have nothing but good things to say about this company and its employees proper gutted but thanks for the good times stu
TT Feb 16, 2016  Excellent service well done guys ☺
If I could think of any faults, I would say as I am sure they would look into it. But I can't find one.
Darren Feb 13, 2016  this shop is the top of the food chain, I am yet to find anywhere else that comes close. Price, quality, reliable, customer service are all a five star rating. I have never reviewed anyone, but they deserve it.
Bomb Berry
tt Feb 09, 2016  Great products fast delivery
Great service
essex mostwanted Feb 09, 2016  Always spot on with everything. I wouldn't use an over Internet source For my bits. Cheers guys
Good stuff
VWAH Jan 06, 2016  First time buyer. V impressed. Smooth service and product.
Keep up the good work guys n gals!
ian Dec 31, 2015  Faultless service,used them for years.lets hope they can find a way round the new laws,It had to happen tho,cant have ordinary folks enjoying themselves people enjoying themselves in good old blighty can we.Typical hypocritical Knee jerk reaction.Have a wander round the vast state broadcasting corp if you ever get the chance.Lots of very happy hyper active types there.Wonder why they keep disappearing to the bogs so often.lots of nose wiping at the beeb too,watch the chat shows etc and you will see what I mean.Must be gettin cynical in my old age.
Fast delivery most of the time!!
Steven Dec 30, 2015  Brill
Excellent Dec 29, 2015  Top site. Quick, reliable and great products
Great Service
Brian Dec 24, 2015  Ordered yesterday afternoon and order arrived in less than 24 hours. Great service thanks
just perfect
william Dec 22, 2015  Rarely do reviews, But after years of faultless orders figured you guys deserved one. Apart from the card issues which are hardly down to this company i cant say a bad word. must be close to 100 orders ive done and never had a single one messed up.
If only E-Bay was this easy!
MrT Dec 16, 2015  Excellent service, friendly and efficient staff. Great prices and delivery is always spot on.
Many happy a memories
Kieran Dec 14, 2015  Using site for years love the service the help you get when you phone delivery is quick and discreet also loyalty points that carry on meaning endless discounts
very happy
linda Dec 12, 2015  Wasn't expecting much but more than happy with product plus speedy delivery is such a bonus!!
Great Stuff! Cheers Guys!!
Scott Dec 03, 2015  So Far So GOOD! ordered a few times now, and arrived quickly, thank you!
Plants loved it and will come back
R .d Nov 29, 2015  Thoughts I am still thinking now best way forward for new customers and testing I would advise to stick with this site and very professional and customer service is brilliant
Credit where it's due. Excellent service
Scott Nov 25, 2015  Simply the most reliable head shop. Unbeatable prices and quick delivery. Honest description of their own products differing strengths. It's supply and demand, so F off politicians and leave us both be.
First class
Martin Nov 25, 2015  First time I've used them will definitely use again Quality service
Indiecindy Nov 24, 2015  Great site....only site that can offer what i want and swift delivery....thanks guys
Go cane good product
Andrew Nov 23, 2015  10/10 fantastic service fast delivery and great product.
linda Nov 20, 2015  Lovevbit use diliverd in a day and a half happy producys greay jst dont get enuff for price other thtan tht happy
Happy customer
oden Nov 17, 2015  After an initial mixup with delivery all it took was one simple email and everything was sorted and redelivered within a day. Great service, thanks. Definitely recommended!
Paul Nov 12, 2015  I have used this site many times. Very happy comes next day and always great stuff at great prices. Always use and never shop anywhere else.
VERY GOOD delivery
Steven Nov 12, 2015  Good first times exp. Do not recon much on the downers for your EXP
Highly recommended, brilliant
Noel Nov 12, 2015  The best and only headshop online worth using. Great choice of products, discrete, fast delivery, amazing prices, offer and ice points are amazing.
WELL HAPPY CAMPER 100% genuine, and trust me iv been from topix to silk rd
Buddha Nov 10, 2015  Was a bit sceptical for a start, thot here we go with another one. But response to e mail was quick, so was delivery,, easy as pie. Packaging was spot on , all n all 10/10
Harrison Nov 08, 2015  Brilliant research chemical and great business, They even gave me a nice surprise in the delivery, sticking with these
wham bam, thank you maam!!
SmokeyEwok Nov 05, 2015  Ordered at 4.30pm and it arrived next morning! Well packed, discreet. %'s off and loyalty points - I'm never going to another site again!!
Great Products
Paul W. Nov 04, 2015  Fast delivery and AWESOME products. I've been buying China White and that really hits the spot in the lab. Nice gentle results which lasts for quite a long time. Lovin it !
Lou Nov 02, 2015  Great service of late and some awesome new products, thanks' guys
Waterhorse31 Nov 02, 2015  Yeh, good stuff!
Put plain and simply, just awesome!
Archie Oct 27, 2015  The team at Iceheadshop are in my opinion the best in the business and something they should be proud of! After years of receiving excellent product, service and delivery throughout the team are reputable and I highly recommend their business, customer service and ethos. All orders are processed and dispatched the same day upon payment and to my memory this is a 100% record. So if you have any doubt's DON'T, you will not be disappointed :)
110% satisfied with the service!
Boodie Oct 27, 2015  Totally Awesome Service as always.. A+++ Respect to all the Crew at The ICE Head Shop.. Thanks Again.
110% satisfied with the service!
Boodie Oct 27, 2015  Totally Awesome Service as always.. A+++ Respect to all the Crew at The ICE Head Shop.. Thanks Again.
I Love You,We All Love You!! Keep It Up Eh!!
wavin' I'm Wavin' Oct 24, 2015  Flow like a harpoon daily and nightly, Will it ever stop? Yo, I don't know, Turn off the lights and I'll glow, To the extreme I rock a mic like a vandal, Light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle. Ice Ice Baby........................Ice Ice Baby........................Ice Ice Ice baby
Steve Oct 12, 2015  10/10
Well done.
Chas Oct 10, 2015  Fantastic service,friendly and really helpful customer support.
G Oct 08, 2015  Great customer service over all. Really can be trusted as a genuine online dealer
graeme Oct 08, 2015  brilll - as always!! well somteimes always :( - but always in te end :0))))
Overall "A" plus
Swim Oct 03, 2015  Excellent service excellent product arrived to u.s within about a week and a half , discreet packaging
Awesome products, super customer service, great prices, UNBEATABLE OFFERS!
HerbMaster Oct 01, 2015  The Herbal Incense I frequently burn in my house is always first class. It has a great aroma to it, and I will be a constant customer!
Waterhorse31 Oct 01, 2015  Great product and excellent service as usual.
Spot on excellent service.
Ella Sep 29, 2015  Just the loveliest people to buy from. Fast delivery and always answer any questions I have :) top service and great produce! Good work
Efficient, professional service and great products.
Jess Sep 25, 2015  Always very fast, efficient service. Small mistake with one order but new, correct products arrived first thing the very next morning. Will continue to use regularly.
Lisa Sep 20, 2015  Just brilliant. Great service.
brilliant services
sonic Sep 17, 2015  Brilliant stuff ive only had 1 problem with an order but they rectified the situation straight asway mim gonna be gutted when the ban comes on
First class!
Gracie31 Sep 16, 2015  Quick delivery and great product. Definitely using again. Thanks guys :-)
First time buyer
Dean Sep 14, 2015  Great job ! Was in two minds about ordering from this site , but no regrets now , would deff recomend to anyone , any questions you have its easy to contact them and always happy to help. Cant wait till pay day :)
happy couple Sep 09, 2015  Outstanding 1st time user I mucked up order the the guy at ihs sorted out no problems. Communication: excellent service: excellent product: will let you know or just find out for yourself great great bath time thanks ihs
Amazing 100% service
Stevestorm Sep 07, 2015  Been using this site for a couple of months, always fantastic service - every time my plants need feeding - next working day they're happy! They especially love the Exodus nightshade range! Never disappointed! Great way of doing business in 2015!
over all on icehead
jamesC Sep 04, 2015  Staff are always friendly and happy to help. All issues get solved there and then. I would never use a different shop. Delivery is very fast and on time as well thanks icehead.
ICE Headshop: 10/10 Exodus Nightshade: 10/10
shane Sep 02, 2015  Excellent service, Excellent product and Excellent website all round, I placed my order on a Bank Holiday Weekend, and received confirmation of shipping first thing the next working day, then the product arrived the following morning. Very happy with the quality of service and will be a repeat customer. ~MaryJoy Exodus Nightshade~ Very smooth, pleasant aroma, Similar to "Herbal Haze" but Nightshade is stronger. The quality of the incense lives up to MaryJoy's standards, so if, like me, you enjoyed all the other MaryJoy aromas, you'll enjoy this one. When you burn incense, always remember to keep the space well ventilated, Do not burn too much, a small sprinkle will de-odourise a room for at least half an hour, and do not burn regularly, everyone needs fresh air! :)
4 years, no problems, great service!
Gary Aug 31, 2015  Great service, very fast delivery options, best range in the UK. CREDIT CARD FACILITIES! If you go anywhere else you're an idiot!
oldskool_1366 Aug 28, 2015  Totally Awesome Service as always.. A+++++ Respect to all the Crew at The ICE Head Shop.. Thanks Again.
Top class service.
RiK Aug 27, 2015  I do love a good aromasesh and Ice are brimming with choice + value + discounts + speedy delivery + staff that literally go the extra yard for complete customer satisfaction. Basically a role~model business :~) = 5+/5
A1 customer service
david peter Aug 26, 2015  Ive bought of this site for the last year i had an issue with an order i placed yesterday and they have done everythink to resolve the issue there so nice and so friendly keep up the good work and that black mamba is 10 /10 i will be buying very soon
Brilliant service
Robert Aug 23, 2015  Exellent sevice great customer care defenety staying with you guys thank delivery on time no messing thaks ice head shop
Roberto Aug 21, 2015  Great products & fast delivery.
Excellent service
Boo Aug 19, 2015  Quick fast and discreet and always reliable 10/10
Andrew Aug 18, 2015  I've always found icehead to be awesome
The best on-line headshop.
clive Aug 11, 2015  Best on-line headshop I've found. Excellent products, good delivery and great customer service. I can't recommend them enough.
1st time experimenter
D1E5EL Aug 08, 2015  1st time as an analyst but found the whole experience extremely encouraging for future experiments. 10/10
Love You Guys
Exdous_1 Aug 07, 2015  staff amazing love buying from here for many years always on time and always as order and quick to help
webbo Aug 05, 2015  Placed my first yesterday, the items were delivered today and I was so impressed I placed another order today
Cannot fault this site
Kim Aug 04, 2015  SO impressed with this site! I order a lot and grew tired of the other shop I bought from so gave this a go based on the customer reviews! They're not wrong! There was a tiny issue with my order the discount didn't apply but their customer service was amazing and they more than made up the difference putting extra in my order, and super fast delivery! Not one complaint here I won't be going anywhere else! :)
Customer service and delivery
Tam Aug 01, 2015  First time using ice must say very very happy customer ordered my product and received very next do had few emails back and forward with the admin and they helped me no ends will defo use ice again A++++++++
upallnight Jul 30, 2015  WOW .... my order arrived before my conformation email thats amazing ice 10 out 10 guys ..ill deffo be back... best site too use people believe me...thanks guys
Dust till dawn big thumbs up
Zebedee Jul 29, 2015  Luv luv luv this site speedy delivery excellent service dust till dawn always a favourite to analyse wouldn't go anywhere else plants danced all night long
OMG. New world opened up to me
Newbie15 Jul 29, 2015  OMG guys. This legal world us so new to me and I'm absolutely loving it! Thank you, I will be ordering again very soon
jacks Jul 28, 2015  Will b shopping with u a gain couldn't believe it ordered 1 day an had it next morning thankyou guys
excellent work
marky1123 Jul 24, 2015  Love this china white smooth no plant lag after uses, my plants love it, my 5th order, very quickly despatched ordered by 3pm first class received next day, no problems and no hassle @1 from me..
good site
sidwiz78 Jul 21, 2015  good reliable quick delivery, great prices mad results:)
Very nice
Patrick Jul 17, 2015  Dust till dawn- my plants liked this, the only thing was it made me wilt down below, so I couldn't fertilise the missis.
pinky Jul 15, 2015  Amazing delivery very quick. Thankyou b shopping with u guys again.
5** :D
kevin Jul 14, 2015  Great fantastic business for customers 10% free shipping, then promos to add on and use your points also 5**, always get delivery's on time except once but they sent an extra bottle as an apology great customer care.
good effect speedy growth would recomend
marky Jul 14, 2015  Best on offer after trials tested most powders on here and have come to the conclusion china white is ideal product get things done, speedy growth and health, no after effect or problems during testing, I give this @1 score
lab tester 121 Jul 14, 2015  top site this was my first time ordering paid for the next day delivery arrived the following day as promised highly recomended
Radish Jul 14, 2015  Guys, I just want to let you know that I got your message, that one of the things I bought off you was out of stock. The note made me smile :) plus thank you for extra! The best, glad I've found you :D
First Class Service
g Jul 13, 2015  Fantastic site. Always on top of orders and delivery is quick. If you are worried about being ripped off buying on-line - don't be! These guys are absolutely genuine - first class.
recent customer/Not changing!
Pac Jul 07, 2015  Quick delivery's, low prices, had a problem which was solved in hours, wouldnt expect it threw online shops.. But other than that, exelent stuff, everytime on time or even earlier, glad! staying customer 4eva
KT Jul 01, 2015  great stuff, quick delivery guys very helpfull excellent service
Ice is the best!!!
Blowee Jun 27, 2015  Ice is the best,never a problem with a order and very fast processing and shipping. This is the only place I go to. Great products and service ..Ching and China white are my favorites. Every thing is great!!! Nothing to complain about.
A retrograde step to know this will end at some point
laura Jun 25, 2015  Loving the new site, hope it lasts! 10/10
Dribbler Jun 22, 2015  ICE points system which i opened my account last year but never looked until to day wooooo it meeans im going to have a few bob in my pocket for a few weeks or more.what a happy man its amazing what a nice surprise from ice who else would not a bmw or new merc dealer.happy happy days
Bazalton77 Jun 19, 2015  The service the owners of ice go to is second to noun. Product out of stock will call or mail to work with you on waiting or another great product to try or another fav as if like most mad sceintists ice will have it or a day or so to wait and get no1 .next day is next day and not next week.the way the guys have the lists set up is best first and so on get to 3-4 after everyones project.i have dealt with a lot of companys this year and if most of them had 20% of ices commitment to service they would be a decent company,catch my drift .KEEP HER LIT.
great stuff
scott Jun 19, 2015  fantastic got my stuff the next day does what it says on the tin am wide awake
Top Marks!!
Angel Dusk Jun 19, 2015  Great products (china white still the best - in my opinion) and other than few glitches recently whilst website being re-done its great customer service. x
5 out of 5 highly recommended site.
Robert Jun 14, 2015  Love this site, quick, convenient, has never let me down. Always a good choice of outstanding products. Wouldn't shop anywhere else for my stuff. Long live iceheadshop!!
CHARLIE SHEEN & BLOW Get the thumbs up from me... 9/10
Oldskool1366 Jun 13, 2015  Excellent Service as always. items arrived next day before 12.. CHARLIE SHEEN & BLOW Get the thumbs up from me... 9/10. Just Ordered My Next Lot.. Nicely Does It... Woot!!
The best
Brundlefly Jun 12, 2015  Excellent company. Excellent , professional , reliable service. And good value with a nice range of clipper lighters? Its definitely number 1- the best.
amazing :)
Anonymous Person from London, London United Kingdom Jun 02, 2015  :) i start with a smile because it's been less than 1 hour ago since i have sent an email to ice requesting help in a matter about an order of mine and what other quys are saying in their review about ICE is totally true. My problem solve and my order sent in less than an hour :D. ICE RULES !!!!! good products, GREAT shipping and just incredible help service. Keep up the good work. ICE RULES!!!! :D
No other place to go!
Herman Incenced from oxfordshire United Kingdom Jun 02, 2015  The title says it all. I've used plenty of other websites, and I even have a physical headshop in my town (yep, a real life one. They actually exist!?). Yet even though I could pop down the road, I order from these guys. Best service possible. Emails are always answered straight away and processing the orders is pretty much instant. I dont have bad words to say about ICE. Oh, and you gotta love the points system ;)
Top notch service, from a well organised professional service
Charlie, Scotland Jun 02, 2015  Been a customer many a time's now, very professional organised service, only once my delivery never came next day and that was due to weather, thanks again folks.
Bazalton Jun 01, 2015  No1 best research help for a wannabe scientist there is .
Very pleased.
Philip May 28, 2015  Great service, got my stuff next day and am "over the mood" ;) hehe.
Simply The Best
shanesmithy28 May 23, 2015  The best company on the web for customer service and delivery options.
Fantastic site
jaxxed Apr 01, 2015  great delivery and very trustworthy despite my initial screw up. Couldn't be happier
Mar 31, 2015  really good site, great service - never disappointed
dom Mar 22, 2015  Best products Best prices Fast delivery Secure checkout
Product and service review.
Jerome Guthrie Mar 21, 2015  Well recommended. Very impressed with the points scheme on the website. Delivery is fantastic, always arrives next day. Thumbs up! Keep up the good work!.
Mar 21, 2015  I guess USA citizens are no longer welcome **ICE ADMIN EDIT** Yes of course USA are still welcome, Our new bank makes usa cards harder to process, but just contact us for our Paypal details :)
Mar 17, 2015  New site now much faster, excellent products and great customer service.
customer service
John Mar 11, 2015  Delivery is always speedy, customer service excellent. Any problems are quickly resolved. Very reliable, now the only shop I use.
johanna haggarty Mar 11, 2015  Have not tried yet, can't wait, I love the whole experiance of choosing my products the excitement of them coming if they are a new product or one i have never experienced i almost wet myself with excitement , plus the fact you can purchace with confidence, fab team ready to help if you have a prob, Icehead is tops, why waist time on other sites when you guys are the whole package
Ice Headshop store
Tony Mar 10, 2015  Thanks for the friendly and efficient service. Will be ordering again!
Mar 10, 2015  Always on time and wrapped very conveniently
Fast n Safe !!!! AAAAA
super Mar 04, 2015  Yesterday I made order - today I got my packets with 5 £ voucher :))) and points for 12 £ already .. Amazing !!!!
Marc Mar 03, 2015  Next day delivery. No complaints. Nice experience. Better than Matey Bubble bath. Thank you
Fast delivery
Mar 03, 2015  Very fast delivery - had dispatch email less than 30 mins after placing order, and the product arrived in the post the following day.
Very happy
KDOT Feb 27, 2015  First time customer, my order was delivered on the next working day very happy.
Great service
James Feb 27, 2015  The best company to deal with, excellent customer care, with recorded delivery.
very happy customer
Feb 26, 2015  Great product and super fast delivery, arrived next day! Thanks guys
Jonathan Seymour Feb 25, 2015  Only had one order off them all went with out a problem just made a second order hope it goes the same way.... good work guys keep it up
oldhippy Feb 23, 2015  Total cap
whole shopping experience
nick Feb 17, 2015  Couldnt ask for better. Products kept fresh n up to dat packaging is discrete. No hassel with payments or postage and guys more than happy to help sort out any queries when you fon them. Add to that their offers and loyalty bonus, why would you need to go anywhere else? Great team behind it. Nice one★★★★★
so new customer
Evan Brazier Feb 17, 2015  Well seems seem to be legit I ran the website it came up safe there not hiding there address products seem to look good high end can anyone fill me in I'm just waiting on my order to get here It seems like shipping's fast as well by the way they make it sound
Great service!
Feb 17, 2015  Ice has the best service and delivery! Fast! From all research powders,i like the most GoGaine,Snow white and Ypdout. Researching them was a amazing experience! The worst unfortunally was VIP champagne.Maybe because i researched very big quantity,but i had terible night! I am a bit dissapointed about research pellets...:/ i would like to research something more energized
karen Feb 14, 2015  . Super quick delivery and easy to use website.have recommended you to many others in this area as the local shop gets its stock seized regularly !!
jay Feb 14, 2015  Placed order on Friday 4pm,woke up to package early Saturday morning everything was there delivery couldn't have been faster
most trusted great products
anon Feb 12, 2015  I think I been using iceheadshop now for nearly 2years and I will never turn my back on them as they are very trusted in my opinion and sorry ice but I had a free package the other day as my first package took over a week to arrive so iceheadshop, sent me another as we thought royal mail lost my items.
very helpful guys ,good quality plant food
gardener Feb 11, 2015  Can't beat these guys,
fran northwales Feb 10, 2015  Orered12kingkong came the next day all brand spouted top seed bank wont use another one spot on fran north wales
great site
Daniel Harrison Feb 09, 2015  Very impressed with the site and the fast delivery. 5 stars is not enough
First research project
Helen Feb 07, 2015  Ish I had found you years ago. Impressive product and delivery
in love
hugo mango Feb 06, 2015  Me and partner love watching our plants enjoying these great buzz after 20 mins and keep on going for about 7-8 hours depending on how well your plants have been fed. Best research so far and ordered on Thursday morning and arrived Friday morning great service as usual BEST SITE ON WEB !!!!
whole shopping experience
nick Feb 06, 2015  Couldnt ask for better. Products kept fresh n up to dat packaging is discrete. No hassel with payments or postage and guys more than happy to help sort out any queries when you fon them. Add to that their offers and loyalty bonus, why would you need to go anywhere else? Great team behind it. Nice one★★★★★
Don't hesitate to order from this site!
Feb 06, 2015  I was at first skeptical about ordering online however I can now assure you this company is outstanding. Ive since made several orders and all have been perfect. Super fast and reliable delivery, brilliant prices and customer service!

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