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Vaping Products Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Types of Vaping Exist?

    Many people are surprised to find out that there are actually two types of vaping that people use. The first, vaping e-liquid, involves the vaping of a liquid juice within an electronic vaping device. The second, dry vaping, involves using an electronic vaping device to vape dry herbs or flowers.

  • What Types of Devices & Components Are Needed for Vaping?

    You will find many vape kit parts in stock in our online headshop. Perhaps it would help to know what each one is and what they do:

    • E-Cigarette – An electronic device typically prefilled with an inhalable or vapable substance which varies with each device.
    • Vape Pen – An electronic device that typically includes a vape tank and mod that is utilised to vape e-juice and e-liquids.
    • Pre-Filled Cartridges - Cartridges that are prefilled with an inhalable or vapable substance that can be attached to many different vape pens on the market.
    • Empty Cartridges (Tanks) - A cartridge that works with a vape pen that must be filled with an e-juice of the consumers choice.
    • Atomizers/Coils – An essential component of all vaping devices. This is the component that heats e-juice so that it turns to a vapour and can be inhaled.

    Now that you are more familiar with the terminology associated with vaping, we encourage you to browse our wide selection of available vaping products.

  • What is E Liquid?

    Vape juice, also known as e juice or e liquid, as you may have figured out by the references above is a liquid “juice” that is added to tanks or cartridges designed to attach to electronic devices for vaping.

    When heated by the coil or atomizer in a pen or e-cigarette, e liquid produces vapour. This is a vapour that can be inhaled and exhaled by the consumer.

    Many individuals have turned to vaping e liquid as an alternative to smoking products such as cigarettes as e juice is available with various levels of nicotine, helping to curb the cravings you may experience if and when you cut out traditional cigarettes.

    Unlike cigarettes, e juice on the market today is available in hundreds of different flavours. You are even able to get CBD e liquid!

  • Types of Vape Juice

    What many people love about vaping, aside from the claims that it may be a safer alternative than smoking, is the fulfilling hit that they receive. This is provided by one of two primary substances.

    Vape liquid on the market today is made with a combination of a PG and VG base.

    • PG - PG is scientifically known as propylene glycol.
    • VG - VG is scientifically known as vegetable glycerin.

    PG and VG are both commonly utilised in health and beauty products as well as commercially available food. Both substances are non-toxic organic compounds.

    While the two are very similar, there are some distinct differences that may affect your vaping experience. Differences like:

    • Consistency - The consistency of e juice directly affects the ability of the cotton and polyfill fabrics outside of wick tanks to absorb the liquid. For this reason, many prefer to utilise a PG dominant based e juice as it provides a thinner consistency and is absorbed easier.
    • Buildup Production - PG dominant based juices are also preferred as they provide less of a buildup after use thanks to the thinner consistency.
    • Flavour - PG is an odourless, and tasteless compound. This means that in no way does it affect or alter the flavour of the e juice. VG on the other hand naturally possesses a slightly sweet taste that can sometimes affect the potency of any flavour additives.
    • Allergic Risk - It is good to note that some individuals have developed an allergic reaction to vaping dominantly PG based liquids. If you utilise a heavy PG based juice and experience any irritation or tingling like sensation in your throat, it would be advised that you switch to a e liquid with a higher VG consistency in the base. VG, in general, seems to be less allergenic though some vapers have reported a build-up of phlegm in their throat from the utilisation of VG based liquids.
    • Strength - Between VG and PG it is widely thought that PG provides a much more powerful hit similar to that of cigarettes. This causes many consumers to experience a dry throat and mouth after prolonged use.
    • Cloud - When it comes to producing a cloud, VG is the way to go. Thanks to its thicker consistency, it provides significantly more vapour than its PG counterpart.

    Some people find that some trial and error is needed to find their favourite e liquid, and the biggest and best brands are always releasing new creative flavours. Be sure to check back here regularly to see our latest and greatest e liquid products.

  • Should I Buy Flavoured or Unflavoured E Liquid?

    Another aspect of vaping that many consumers enjoy is the variety of flavours that e juice is available in. From ordinary flavours such as grape, key lime, mango, peach, cherry, and watermelon to unusual and unique flavours described as Unicorn Farts, Napalm, Dragon’s Milk and many others.

    For those who are not looking to vape unicorn farts, there are many unflavoured e juices on the market today, with and without nicotine additives.

    Really this is completely down to personal preference. Why not try a wide range of both flavoured and unflavoured options before making up your mind on your favourite.

  • What Nicotine Strength Should I Be Vaping?

    E liquids for vaping come in a variety of different nicotine strengths, suitable for a wide range of users. Typically nicotine comes in 6 different strengths ranging from 0 to 24 mg of nicotine per millilitre of e juice.

    If you have been a long-term smoker and smoke full flavoured cigarettes, it would be advised to start out at a higher nicotine concentration and wean down if you are looking to utilise vaping to quit smoking.

    If you only smoke on occasion and prefer light varieties of cigarettes, it is likely that you would prefer a lower nicotine concentration in your e juice.

  • How Should a Beginner Get Started?

    Beginners will find getting started with a beginner friendly vape kit quick and straightforward.

    Vape kits will often include a full setup that will allow you to start vaping in no time at all. Often the only other thing you will need is some e juice to get started.

    Vape kits are also available for both vaping e juice as well as for dry vaping.

    Luckily, here at Ice Headshop, you will find a plethora of different vape kits and juices for purchase, anytime day or night. We offer vape kits starting at under £15 ranging in excess of £150 to fit the needs of everyone.

    We also offer a large variety of vape juices from some of the leading names in the market. We carry vape juices from ZAP Juice, Vampire Vape, SMOK, Malaysian Juice, Premium Labs, Mr. Juicer, Miami Drip Club, Nasty Juice and many others.

    So if you are looking for a full selection of liquids that are sure to have something to fit everyone’s needs, look here.

  • Anything Else I Need to Know? Our Disclaimer

    The information provided on this page and on iceheadshop.co.uk is meant to provide basic information and guidance surrounding vaping. Please note that there is no scientific proof backing the claims that vaping is a healthy alternative to or a safer option than smoking. The information found on this website is meant for personal use and for educational purposes only. Never should any of the information contained on this website be considered medical advice.


What is Vaping?

To “vape” is a common term used to describe an electronic vaping device or to describe the process of vaping in short lingo. For example, you may hear someone say “I just got a vape, and I've already quit smoking cigarettes” or “let’s just vape in the house since it’s snowing outside”.

Essentially, to vape is in reference to the vapour that is inhaled and exhaled after being produced by an electronic vaping device. The vapour being inhaled/exhaled is attributed to the heating of an e-liquid or juice.

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