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Basic Vaping History
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Basic Vaping History

Posted: September 12, 2019

Vaping has become very popular these days. The popularity of this pastime has grown enormously over the last two decades. That doesn't mean that vaping just started. Vaping produces results very similar to traditional forms of smoking. Handheld vaporizers simulate some of the attributes of smoking without igniting any form of materials. Vaping might seem like a new trend, but in actuality, it has been around for quite some time. For example, an early form of vaping can be observed in ancient Egypt. Hot stones were used to vape herbs during this time. Modern vaping as we know it has slightly newer routes. The first concept of an e-cigarette goes to a man by the name of Joseph Robinson, who thought of the idea back in 1927. This was just the beginning. This thought never made it into reality until 1963. Herbert Gilbert developed a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette. For the longest time vaping was eccentric to those who enjoyed nicotine. After nearly 60 years, vaping has evolved into something entirely different. Nicotine is no longer The source driving this trend. Nicotine has been replaced by essential plant oils and substances like CBD.

Vaping Was Popular in the UK, But The US was a Late Bloomer

The very first e-cigarette to make an appearance in America showed up in 2007. Since this time, vaping has become a world of its own. There are endless varieties of vaporizers as well as vape products available today. Vaporizers have components such as a battery, an atomizer, a cartomizer, a clearomizer, a cartridge, a tank, and a mouthpiece. These units can be purchased in a disposable form or reusable forms. Many people are turning to the advantages of vaping versus traditional forms of analog smoking. Dangerous carcinogens are consumed when plant material is lit on fire and inhaled. It is the belief of those who Vape that by not igniting the leafy material on fire, they reduce the intake of carcinogens. For this reason, many people believe vaping to be a healthier alternative. Vaping is also a much better smelling alternative. Many people will agree that the smell of cigarettes stinks. They stick to your clothes and make you stink even after you're done smoking one. Vapor does not have this effect. Most of the e-liquids on the market have a rather pleasing sweet aroma that accompanies a flavorful taste profile. This sweet taste and smell seem to be where it’s at for those who like to puff on stuff.

Vape the Planet

Vaping really got a chance to become popular in the early 2000s. While the idea was there since the mid-60s in the US, the FDA wouldn't allow the tobacco industry to release the concept or product on the market. When they did, it was a whole new world. In 2007 the first e-cig showed up in America. A Chinese pharmacist by the name of Hon Lic is given credit for this. Vaping seems to be the in trend and has no signs of going away. According to a BBC report, "The global vapour products market is now estimated to be worth $22.6bn (£17.1bn) - up from $4.2bn just five years ago.” Vaping seems healthier but may have potential side effects such as dizziness, dry mouth, or the possible accumulation of toxic substances in the body. Still, it seems to be healthier than the known, cancer-causing cigarettes of the past. Vaping can be found just about anywhere these days. You can purchase Vape products in places like corner store gas stations all the way to classy mall stores and websites. If you're considering giving vaping a try, it would seem this is the perfect time to do so. There are more options available than ever before.

Vaping CBD is the Thing for Me

Out with vaping nicotine and in with vaping CBD. CBD or cannabidiol oil is a product extracted most commonly from hemp. This oil is rich in CBD but contains little to no THC. People are turning to vaping to help them with all kinds of issues. Some look for relief from stress and anxiety, others relief from inflammation and pain. One thing that you will hear many of these people say is that vaping CBD is the thing for me.