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CBD and Inflammation
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CBD and Inflammation

Posted: March 04, 2019

Inflammation is the leading source of chronic pain. Millions of people globally are affected by conditions involving inflammation. It causes pain and discomfort making life barely tolerable. Nobody should have to live this way. Inflammation doesn't only affect those who are sick. It affects those who are healthy too. Athletes are some of the healthiest individuals on the planet. Sadly, those who are in way less of shape dictate how athletes are allowed to take care of their body.

A combination of diet and exercise is more than a routine for them. It's a way of life. When athletes find themselves facing aches and pains due to inflammation, they often end up visiting their doctor. Prescription medications and over-the-counter medications are a common remedy to help the discomfort from inflammation. These days athletes are ditching dope and finding hope at relieving their inflammation with CBD.

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a phytocannabinoid or compound found in cannabis. It's present in both medical cannabis and industrial hemp. There have been numerous studies supporting CBD as an anti-inflammatory and multiple reports of all kinds of health benefits from CBD. Current studies suggest that CBD works with specific receptors located throughout the immune system and brain to help create an anti-inflammatory/painkilling effect. CBD is becoming an OTC option in many places these days.

OTC Meds, CBD, and Inflammation

In the U.S, Walgreens and CVS pharmacy are two of the largest drug stores. They have shelves stocked with all kinds of OTC meds and a pharmacist in back to handle doctor ordered prescription drugs. These stores recently began offering CBD products in select locations. One of the first common over-the-counter medications consumers reach for when they suffer from pain and inflammation is aspirin or Tylenol. Studies show cannabis to have 20 times the anti-inflammatory properties of aspirin and twice the anti-inflammatory properties of prescription strength hydrocortisone.

Autoimmune disorders such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis along with strokes and heart disease have been linked to chronic inflammation. Inflammation is much more than just pain and discomfort; it can be life-threatening. Looking at the National Center for Biological Informational a report on chronic inflammation was released in October of 2018 with some interesting information. Inflammation is actually a defense mechanism of the body. Inflammation is divided into two typical categories, chronic inflammation, and acute inflammation.

Acute inflammation occurs through noxious compounds, microbial invasion, or trauma to the tissue. Chronic inflammation happens over long periods of months to years. This type of inflammation is generally brought on by an injury and will vary from patient to patient. The process of the immune system removing harmful stimuli to begin healing is what inflammation actually is. The Rand Corporation estimates that as of 2014 approximately 60% of American citizens suffer from some form of chronic inflammatory disease.

The Numbers Are High Not the Consumers

It's estimated that globally 3 out of 5 people die from chronic inflammation diseases like heart disorders, diabetes, obesity, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, and strokes. Physical exercise helps lower pro-inflammatory molecules. Sadly, exercise is something that many people don't get enough of leading to alarming rates of obesity and diabetes. Conventional treatment for the inflammation disease diabetes is metformin. This drug has a potentially dangerous side effect called lactic acidosis. When this occurs a buildup from metformin has happened in the blood and could possibly cause kidney or other organs to fail. Metformin has also been linked to a potential increase in Parkinson's and dementia for patients who have diabetes. Remember this is a medication prescribed commonly for diabetes yet the long-term use of it increases risk of neurodegenerative disease according to information published on medscape.com.

CBD has no reports of causing organ failure, messing with your liver, causing dementia, or any other severe conditions. The reports of CBD are ones of success. People are finding relief from various different symptoms and conditions. Everything from allergies and breathing conditions to chronic pain, eating, and sleeping disorders are finding CBD to be a powerful ally. Inflammation doesn't have to control your life. Prescription drugs don't have to control how inflammation affects your life either. There are other options such as those offered by what western medicine, considers complementary medicine.