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CBD Dosage: What Strength Should I Take?
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CBD Dosage: What Strength Should I Take?

Posted: August 19, 2021

Cannabidiol, widely known as CBD, is an active cannabinoid found within the cannabis plant that is extracted and used for its therapeutic, medicinal and relaxing properties. CBD comes in a huge variety of forms, strengths and flavours which can make selecting the right type of CBD product (one that has a strength and flavour profile that suits your requirements) challenging.

In this guide we will provide you with the information you are going to need to start taking CBD and how to achieve optimal dosage - remember to never exceed the daily recommended dose and always consult your doctor or GP if the product usage guidelines recommend.

What is clear is that, with CBD, much like other supplements, is that it's best to start with a low dosage to see how it works for you individually. There is no blanket dosage for taking CBD as your dosage is entirely tailored to your individual needs.

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Planning CBD dosage - how much should you take?

It can be a difficult task trying to work out the potency of your chosen CBD product. Here are some helpful tips and information on how to monitor your CBD oil dosage and how to get started on your CBD journey.

It is important to remember that CBD works differently for each individual person. No dosage provides the same effects for everybody and common sense is needed to ensure that you get the most out of your CBD product.

Consider factors like:

Body weight

For example, if you suffer from severe chronic pain and have a large body mass, then you will probably find that a small dosage of a low strength CBD will not provide the relief that you are seeking. Be mindful of your requirements as a good foundation for choosing your CBD product.

CBD tolerance level

Prolonged use of CBD can require you to up your dose (or product strength) in order to continue getting the same results. Using CBD long term requires you to monitor your dose and adjust as needed.

Severity of the condition you take CBD for

CBD can reportedly help with a number of conditions. If you need light relief occasionally then a high strength, full spectrum CBD oil product is probably over-doing it. Try and find a CBD product that best matches your needs and always start with a low dose and top up until your desired effects are achieved (within the manufacturer's instructions).

A standard introductory CBD dose can be anything from 2-5mg and a common day-to-day dose of CBD can be anything from 1mg to 100mg or more.

Potency of the CBD you're using

CBD comes in an abundance of strengths and usually is measured by % of purity per ml or mg. The higher the percentage of purity per ml or mg, typically the stronger the effects are. Although this is mostly correct, personal factors as well as product quality and strength will also have an impact.

Quality of the product you're using

If you're looking for the best possible results, choosing a lab tested, certified product from a reputable retailer like ICE Headshop is the way forward. Untested or uncertified CBD products will provide poor results and are not recommended and can be dangerous.

Consult your GP

Due to how CBD interacts with the body, it's important to read the guidelines on the packaging and never exceed the recommended daily dose. For anyone starting CBD, it's important to consult a GP - this is especially important if a user is also on prescription medications or has an existing medical condition. This will help an informed decision be made and help to avoid any negative or conflicting drug interactions with medications.

CBD starting dosage

Whenever you start to take a new CBD product ALWAYS read the manufacturer's guidelines. Start with a low dose (usually recommended on the product guidelines). For example when using a CBD oil, start with 2-3 drops and then increase until your desired effects are achieved without exceeding the maximum stated by the manufacturer.

If one CBD product doesn't feel right, try another. Vape products and CBD oils with high bioavailability tend to work faster than products that require metabolisation, such as CBD edibles. Keep in mind some CBD products can take over an hour until any results are noticeable. Items like edibles and CBD oil are perfect for those seeking slow release and long lasting effects.

An average standard dose is around 15 or 20 mg and a high CBD dosage can be upwards of 100mg but it is really dependent on the person and should be tailored to individual needs.

CBD strength FAQ

Is there an ideal dose of CBD?

The ideal dose of CBD is the one that works best for an individual within the manufacturer's instructions. As discussed, CBD works differently for everyone so some patience and fine tuning is essential. Expecting instant results may leave users disappointed. Start with a low dose and gradually increase it until the desired effects are achieved.

Does the type of CBD I'm taking affect the dosage?

CBD comes in many forms and although some types of product (for example vape products) are shown to work faster, the dosage needed to reach the level of comfort being sought should remain the same.

CBD products that require metabolisation like edibles and some oils may prove slightly less effective due to a percentage of the CBD being lost during the metabolisation process. If a person switches from vape to edibles they may notice edibles to be slightly less effective but the effects can last for longer when they kick in.

Are there any safety and side effects to consider?

As with any supplement or health alternative there are guidelines to follow and it is worth reading the instructions on every product. CBD has been widely researched and used worldwide for many different reasons and is at least reportedly an effective product for old and young alike. However, always do your research to make an informed decision based on your health and history, and always read any information from the manufacturer. In the coming years it is highly likely more studies and reports will be released due to its recent mainstream popularity.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or using any other medications, seek advice from your GP or doctor before starting to use CBD.

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