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CBD is the Perfect Complement to Vaping
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CBD is the Perfect Complement to Vaping

Posted: September 27, 2019

CBD and vaping go hand in hand. This is for many reasons. Both vaping and CBD have been in the news in recent years for many reasons. Vaping has become the in-trend in many places. This is especially true for individuals that are looking for a safer way to consume different aspects without smoking. Vaping nicotine products is a trend that has grown exponentially in recent years for this reason. It is believed that vaping is a much safer alternative to smoking. This is because when you smoke, you inhale harmful carcinogens from the plant material. Carcinogens that are not present when vaping. CBD has been in the news due to its ability to help with almost ailment. From anxiety and depression to pain and inflammation, CBD could be just what you need. The best part, there are many ways to consume this beneficial cannabinoid without smoking. One way is through vaping CBD oil or CBD vape juice. Is Vaping CBD Safe? A question that arises for many folks is regarding the safety of vaping CBD oil. With that in mind, let's take a look at what we know about the safety of CBD and vaping.
  • CBD is classified as non-toxic and has no known side effects.
  • CBD is non-intoxicating.
  • CBD does not increase the risk of blood pressure or heart related conditions like smoking.
  • CBD has never been linked to causing psychological issues or conditions
  • CBD is considered a nonaddictive substance.
  • Unlike many substances, you cannot overdose on CBD.
Now that we have taken a closer look at the safety aspects of CBD and vaping let’s take a look at why people are choosing to vape CBD oil rather than other consumption methods. Benefits of Vaping CBD vs. Other Consumption Methods Vaping CBD is one of the fastest methods for reaping the benefits that this cannabinoid has to offer. When inhaling cannabinoids such as CBD through vaping, the effects are typically felt within as little as 5 minutes. Some people report feeling the effects almost instantaneously. This can be very beneficial if you are utilizing CBD for things such as anxiety. Another benefit to vaping CBD oils is your ability to retain and gain more benefits from the product. Vaping CBD offers an average 60-90% cannabinoid retention rate, which is much higher than that of smoking and other ingestion methods. Vaping CBD is considered to be less toxic than smoking raw hemp flower or nicotine for that matter. It is believed to be less toxic because vape oils such as CBD vape oil contain less toxic byproducts and contain minimal carcinogens compared to raw plant material. Unlike consuming CBD in other manners, when consuming CBD internally or though vaping CBD oil, there is a much higher rate of dosing accuracy than with smoking or other consumption methods. When utilizing CBD for therapeutic health purposes, it is especially essential for many patients to know how much CBD they are consuming so they can better tailor their consumption to meet their needs and health goals. Potential Health Dangers from Vaping CBD As with any product, there are some potential hazards for specific individuals when it comes to vaping CBD. Here is what you need to know and consider before choosing to consume CBD through vaping. If you suffer from a respiratory issue such as COPD or asthma, there could be potential adverse effects from vaping CBD. Not because of the CBD but because of the inhalation method in general. It is advised if you suffer from a respiratory issue that you proceed slowly and with caution when vaping any product including CBD oil. While CBD by itself is non-toxic and considered to be generally safe, popular additives to CBD vape oil can become carcinogenic when heated through the vaping method. This is especially true when thinning agents such as propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin are utilized to make the CBD vape juice. Potential Health Benefits from Vaping CBD When it comes to vaping CBD, many people report receiving the same benefits as they do from consuming CBD in other methods. Some of the reported health benefits from vaping CBD include but are not limited to the following.
  • Anti-Convulsant Properties
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Depression Relief
  • Enhanced Sleep Quality
  • Improved Mood Benefits
  • Pain Relief
  • Relaxation Benefits
Seeing how it is widely known that smoking can be harmful to your health, you can see that CBD is a perfect complement to vaping.