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Introducing Our CBD Novel Foods White Labelling Services
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Introducing Our CBD Novel Foods White Labelling Services

Posted: March 03, 2021

At ICE Headshop we provide a comprehensive white label service so that you can buy whitelabel novel food CBD products branded with your own design at incredible prices.

Our white label service offers the unique opportunity to create a brand or named product with your own design or custom logo. This service can be further used to promote your own brand and product range, while ensuring you are using trusted, high quality, lab tested products. Getting started is simple and our team is at hand to guide you through this process from design to delivery. Contact us today for more information and to get set up with this service for trade customers.

Our white label services

  • All inclusive service - labelling, delivery, expert advice and support
  • Our wholesale prices are not set in stone - we endeavour to beat any quote
  • UK and Northern Ireland extracts stock - don’t worry about Customs Clearance in the EU, no VAT or Import Duty on our Mile High stock
  • Low minimum order quantities across all products
  • High quality, lab tested 
cbd white labelling service Our unique white label service enables you to, not only sell high quality, lab tested cannabis extracts and novel foods as your own and with your own design, but you will also benefit from our unbeatable wholesale prices. At ICE Headshop we are a genuine reseller for Mile High Labs extracts & can’t be beat on price, otherwise why would we! We also bring you exclusive offers on white label products that are stocked in the UK and Northern Ireland that can be freely shipped around Europe with no customs clearance, VAT or import duty. Using our umbrella white label service removes stress from your ordering experience and opens up the opportunity of wholesale prices with low minimum order quantities. Prices do include labelling but no extra packaging. During a time of transition into increased regulation of CBD and cannabis products it is worth having your brand on a pre-approved product that is linked to our lab on the small print. Products we supply as wholesale include: For more information on how to receive exclusive wholesale deals and offers on white label products for your shop and brand, get in touch today. Our prices are competitive, inclusive of our labelling service and moreover we endeavour to beat any quote. All we need is your design or logo to get started, you just need to leave a small amount of space so that we can provide disclaimers and smallprint about the product required by the FSA.

How you benefit as a wholesale customer

You may be wondering how buying wholesale CBD novel foods products can benefit your business. Besides the obvious ‘the more you buy the cheaper it gets’ there are some good reasons for buying wholesale. Here are just a few ways that you can benefit:
  • Expert assistance and advice - At ICE Headshop we have a dedicated team of experts, with over 10 years’ experience in the industry, at hand to assist you from creating an account right through to the delivery of your goods.
  • White label product availability- You have the opportunity to have products branded with your design & logo to better enhance your product range and build recognition for your own brand.
  • Beat Brexit by shopping wholesale with us - We have UK stock available now as well as stock in Northern Ireland ready for shipping to Europe. This means that we do not have to think about Customs Clearance, VAT or Import Duty.
  • Unbeatable wholesale prices - We offer an all inclusive service including labelling and delivery as well as expert advice and support. Our wholesale prices are not set in stone and we endeavour to beat any quote.
With the lowest possible prices and a comprehensive and personalised wholesale experience it is evident that white label wholesale can be beneficial for your business. With an abundance of products to choose from and an unmatched level of expertise we’re ready to get you started today.

A Genuine Mile High Labs Reseller With Unbeatable Prices

We like to work closely alongside trusted labs that produce high quality, lab tested CBD and cannabis extracts that are novel food approved. That is why we have partnered with the renowned Mile High Labs. Our partnership with Mile High Labs enables you to get prices cheaper than if you went direct because of the large quantities we buy. As your B2B supplier, we can help you in all stages of your ordering service from beginning to end to ensure you get the best Mile High products at unbeatable prices. Mile high Labs are at the forefront of the CBD and cannabis extracts industry and use world-class manufacturing procedures. They say: “In the under-regulated world of CBD, we have taken a stand and made a commitment to act in a way that positively impacts consumers and the industry as a whole.” We can see by their pledges that they are committed to providing rigorously tested, law complaint products. It is by these same pledges that we can see that Mile High intends to be at the forefront of the industry for the long run.

The Emerald Test

Mile High Labs are award winning participants of The Emerald Test. The Emerald Test is an inter-laboratory comparison proficiency test (ILC/PT) program for cannabis and hemp testing facilities. Mile High Labs received five award badges which are:
  • Hemp potency in isolate
  • Potency in hemp oil
  • Potency in gummy
  • Potency in hemp bud
  • Pesticide screening
We can see that the CBD industry is being more heavily regulated (mainly due to its affiliations with cannabis’ illegal cannabinoid THC) and soon we will see that all novel foods are to be regulated by the FSA and EFSA - read our blog post ‘CBD Edibles To Becomes Fully Regulated As Foods In March 2021’.

Start as you mean to go on

Now is time to start buying from wholesale suppliers that provide quality, well regulated products so that you can avoid any setbacks in progress or losses in stock when regulations evolve. As the CBD industry is growing, you will need to work alongside it (and within the law) for your business to benefit from the ever growing cannabis extracts and novel foods consumer marketplace. Together with our partnership we can offer you the rare opportunity of a trusted and unique B2B wholesale experience as well as a bespoke white label service and expert guidance and advice from beginning to end.

Contact ICE Headshop today

For more information about getting started and for unbeatable prices, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts. For more information about the CBD industry and current events check out guides on our blog.