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CBD Vapes VS Topicals: Which Is The Better Choice For Localised Pain Relief?
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CBD Vapes VS Topicals: Which Is The Better Choice For Localised Pain Relief?

Posted: May 17, 2023 | Author: Blog Upload

In this guide we are going to explore the benefits of both CBD vapes and CBD topical items for localised pain, and draw some comparisons between the different products to help you decide which is right for you and your lifestyle.

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What is localised pain relief?

You may be wondering 'What is localised pain relief?'. This is the name given to the treatment of pain directly to the source via application to the skin. This is not a new treatment. As you may know, heat is often applied to the skin to help the muscles underneath relax, and also ice is often used to help alleviate pain and inflammation.

Using localised pain relief is a great way to manage things like:

  • Muscle pain
  • Chronic pain
  • And other pain in specific areas

Another innovative way of treating localised pain is by using a vape product. For example, a CBD vape device is a handheld device that, when puffed, produces a vapour which is inhaled directly to the lungs. The vapour delivers CBD directly to the bloodstream via the lungs and the effects can be felt almost immediately.

You can also get localised pain relief from creams, balms and ointments. Topical pain management products must be specially designed in order to provide anti-inflammatory properties and pain relieving effects.


What is CBD and how does CBD work?

CBD is a cannabinoid found within cannabis plants that can be used for hundreds of different applications. It is one of over 100 identified cannabinoids and is extracted for its reported health benefits and therapeutic applications. It may have pain relieving effects, anti-inflammatory properties, may help to manage stress and things like sleep, as well as many other benefits.

CBD does this by interacting with our central and peripheral nervous systems via cannabinoid receptors found within our body. It prompts our natural responses within our endocannabinoid system. Our endocannabinoid system is found throughout our bodies (in our brain, organs, and nervous system) and it is responsible for helping to regulate things like our immune system, memory, appetite, sleep, pain control and inflammatory responses.

If you would like to learn more about the potential benefits of CBD and how it works then read the in-depth guides on our blog.

CBD vape for localised pain relief

There are many types of vape CBD products and they are designed to help treat many things like (but not limited to):

  • Chronic pain relief
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Sleep improvement
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Stress reduction

When treating many symptoms and conditions like chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis pain, stress disorders and other medical conditions it can be difficult to find an effective pain reliever, with many people trying CBD to see if it works for them.

CBD vape products come in many different strengths, flavours and sizes as well as a multitude of different devices that you can choose to use.

CBD oil and products containing CBD extracts have been reported to be an effective and natural way to help reduce unwanted symptoms of painful ailments and illnesses by some who use them, however more research and studies are needed to make conclusions.


The benefits of CBD vapes

While there are many reported benefits to CBD vapes it is important to choose one that is in line with your personal needs. By choosing the correct CBD vape device it can optimise your whole CBD experience.

Whether you are choosing CBD vapes for pain management of acute pain, neuropathic pain, muscle pain, chronic pain management or things like a spinal cord injury, what you are seeking is noticeable pain relief. This means that choosing the correct strength product is essential. Each of us have a different pain tolerance as well as different ailments and not to forget, different body shapes and sizes.

Let us take a look at some of the pros and cons of CBD vape products.


The pros

  • CBD vapes give almost instant results - The effects of CBD vape products can be felt between a few seconds and 15 minutes (compared to an edible that can take up to 2 hours!)
  • There are many different flavours - CBD vape manufacturers are constantly bringing out new and innovative flavours
  • Choose from a wide range of strengths - Find many different strengths in many different sized containers; there will be a strength to match your unique needs
  • Choose from different device types - Disposable CBD vape pens, CBD vapes with interchangeable cartridges, refillable 'mod' devices
  • Relatively cheap - There are many affordable pens and eliquids available from top manufacturers that offer incredible value for money as well as high quality CBD
  • Easy to carry around in a pocket or bag - Most CBD vapes are small handheld devices and fit into bags and pockets

The cons

  • There are some health concerns related to the inhalation of vapour - Always check with your health care providers before deciding to take CBD vape product
  • Disposable vapes are (generally) bad for the environment - Be sure to recycle disposables properly as they contain batteries and plastic e-liquid bottles need to be recycled responsibly
  • It is not possible to vape everywhere - There are restrictions in public spaces for using vape devices, always check
  • Vaping is not for everybody - Vaping might be the best choice for your pain management, but luckily there are other options

In vape liquids, e-liquids and vape juices, CBD content is measured by mg per ml and % of purity. The higher the purity and the more mg per ml the stronger the product. What is important to note here is that high quality CBD products generally have certified lab analysis or are third party lab tested.

Products from reputable manufacturers are highly recommended and taking your time to choose your product will likely get better results.


How to start with CBD vapes for localised pain

When starting with any new healthcare treatment it is recommended to check with your health professionals. Be sure that vaping CBD is ideal for your situation and can be easily incorporated into your daily routine or lifestyle.

Always choose a CBD vape from a reputable retailer and preferably a CBD product with a third party lab report, or one with a certified CBD profile.

Start with a low dose and slowly build up until you reach your desired effects. Never exceed the daily recommended dosage and always follow product guidelines so that you get the full benefits of the product.


CBD topicals for localised pain relief

There are an abundance of different CBD lotions, CBD balms and CBD creams that can reportedly be used for the treatment of pain and inflammation, chronic pain management,sports recovery and relief, and even for skincare and cosmetic reasons.

These kinds of products work by soaking into the skin directly to the affected area. CBD topicals are designed to be applied to the skin (check your individual product guidelines for amounts to apply) and often to be massaged in and left to soak into the skin in order to provide relief where and when it is needed.


The benefits of CBD topicals

CBD topicals are an extremely diverse product with lots of different applications. Often other botanicals and healthcare ingredients are added to boost the properties and potential benefits of the product.

It's important with topicals to check the intended application of the product as often manufacturers design products with a specific use in mind. As an example, a sports recovery cream isn't likely to give the same pain relieving effects as a high strength pain relief gel. Check the guidelines of the product and ingredients to make sure it suits you and your application - please note that it is always advised to not exceed the guideline usage amount.

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of CBD topicals.


The pros

  • No need for swallowing tablets - Topicals are applied directly to the source of the pai
  • Lotions and balms are soothing and can a pleasure to apply - Turn your pain relieving routine into an enjoyable activity and massage into your body; this can help boost relaxation and reduce stress too
  • Topical CBD products are often a more natural alternative - Choose from hundreds of different natural CBD products often containing other herbs and botanicals to boost the effects of the product
  • There are many products designed for specific uses - If you're looking to treat a particular type of pain or ailment it is likely that there is a product designed to help treat the symptoms of it
  • No need for prescriptions - CBD topicals are readily available online to you today, simply visit our comprehensive store and browse our high quality products

The cons

  • CBD topicals take time to soak in and the effects are not felt instantly - When fast relief is needed cream or lotion isn't the quickest application of CBD
  • Creams and lotions aren't suitable for all skin types - Check the ingredients of your desired products for allergens and unsuitable additives
  • Some of the cream or lotion can be lost on clothing - Topicals take time to soak in and dressing or going to bed right away might rub some of your lotion or cream off

How to start with CBD topicals for pain

A good way to start with CBD topicals is to have a good browse of the available products and their intended usages. Choose a product that matches your pain relieving requirements, remembering that significant pain will require a stronger CBD product. However, when you're first starting out you should start with a small dose and note the effects, as well as consult a healthcare professional.

Remember the higher the % of purity and mg per ml the stronger the product, always opt for third party lab tested and certified products when possible. Alternatively pick CBD topicals made by reputable manufacturers from reputable retailers, like us at ICE Headshop.


CBD vapes or topicals - which is better?

It's important to note that neither is a superior product in that they each have pros and cons - it really depends on factors such as your needs and circumstances.

For somebody experiencing a high level of pain that needs instant results, a strong CBD vape will probably be a better suited product, and somebody with a chronic pain condition that can't vape for health reasons and needs consistent relief, would be better off with a CBD topical. It's all about thinking logically and knowing your situation and requirements.

Take your time to understand your localised pain, your personal status in regards to CBD products and choose your product carefully. Be sure it meets your application and strength needs so that you will be satisfied with your purchase.


Are there other alternatives?

There are many kinds of CBD products and they can be used for hundreds of different reasons.

At our online store you will find things like (but not limited to):

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