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Don’t Miss Our CBD Herbs!
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Don’t Miss Our CBD Herbs!

Posted: September 24, 2017

Exciting times, right? We’ve continued staying busy behind the scenes and are ready to announce a brand new range of high quality CBD Herbs! Post-ban friendly, these food supplements are THE BEST herbal products on the market - check out our reviews. Each herb contains high levels of CBD, which is classified as non-psychoactive, yet can still achieve a relaxing hit without altering your state of mind, and we have a wide range of epic flavours available. Developed for human consumption, buy in confidence and pick your favourites. It’s someone’s birthday somewhere…

Here’s the lowdown

The response from you guys has already been amazing and we’ve already seen their popularity grow, so don’t delay in getting your new favourites. The aromas are impressive and they’re relaxing without affecting your state of mind. Our newly developed and the improved range includes the following in 1G and 3G packs: Erbz L.A Cheese Erbz Cherry Pie Nectar Vibe Orange Kick Vibe Girl Scout Cookies Eastern Whisper Gravity Quintessence We proud to say we’ve got it right and have worked hard to respond to all of your past feedback so keep it coming. We’re all in this post-ban world together and we’re sure you’ll be impressed with these herbal incenses. Each one is brilliantly balanced and blended: - Extremely high CBD levels - THC below 1ppm - Made from high quality hemp - Non-NPS Choose from top flavours like lemon and cherry and you’re good to go, knowing that each product is the best quality and great value.

So, what is CBD?

The best part of these herbs (arguably) is the CBD so here’s some extra info on what CBD actually is.

Classed as non-NPS

CBD (Cannabidiol) is recognised as being non-psychoactive - the psychoactive element of marijuana is called THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). As a result, it’s relaxing rather than intoxicating and will never get you ‘high’. You’ll also find it in oils and vapes, as well as in this herb form.

Resin gland to cells

Taken from the resin glands of female cannabis plants, it’s one of 80 chemicals or cannabinoids. They attach to cell receptors and interact by opening up certain cells.


Probably! As something that can have no cognitive effect but can be chill and relaxing, it sounds like something that needs more investigation to match our curiosity! Since 2016 all claims and effects of CBD are regulated by the MHRA. In the US, it is still tied to marijuana and is a class 1 drug. You can read more here. All of these featured herbal incenses are UK legal (the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016).