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Everything you need to know about room odourisers
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Everything you need to know about room odourisers

Posted: January 09, 2017

Whether you’ve long enjoyed the awesome aromas of room odourisers or have only just discovered their potential in your life, we’ve got a handy guide on everything you need to know. Essentially, room odourisers are small bottles containing scented liquid, which includes nitrates. You simply pick a scent and open them up to let them air into your chosen room, and when you’re done, pop the cap on to use again at another time. Why aren’t all things this simple, ay?

Huge variety

Just like those air fresheners you can plug in at home, there’s a lot of room odourisers out there to tempt you. Here at Headshop we obviously only stock the best and offer a range of aromas and bottle sizes, depending on what you’re after. From 10ml to 25ml, we have top brands including Active, TNT, Liquid Gold Aromas and Throb Hard. So easy and effective, they’re worth a go to freshen things up in the bedroom. We recommend:

Store at room temperature

Room odourisers and their nitrates are best stored at room temperature, so you shouldn’t have any issues if you’re somewhere fairly mild. Just don’t let them freeze or whack up the heating too high!

So good they got a slang term

If you’re racking your brain thinking ‘room odourisers, what?’, it might be because they are otherwise known as poppers. They’re legal in the UK and in other countries (always check where you are) and are expressly not safe for human consumption. Just leave them as they are and boost the appeal of your bedroom in no time.

Popper advice

Room odourisers are designed to be opened and left safety in a room to make it smell great and who knows, maybe get you and your partner in the mood! You just need to make sure your odouriser is out of reach so it’s not knocked over. Here’s a few other tips:
  • Avoid contact with skin - nitrates can cause rashes
  • Don’t open near flames or whilst smoking as they’re flammable
  • Not for human consumption
That’s it! Shop our room odourisers today and get some great deals on great scents. What’s stopping you?