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H4CBD vs HHC vs CBD: what’s the difference between cannabinoids?
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H4CBD vs HHC vs CBD: what’s the difference between cannabinoids?

Posted: November 07, 2023 | Author: Blog Upload

In this guide we're going to take a look at H4CBD, a lesser known cannabinoid first synthesised in the 1940s. We'll find out why people are so interested in H4CBD and investigate how it differs from better known cannabinoids like CBD and THC.

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H4CBD, HHC and CBD, what are their origins?

You might be wondering what these different cannabinoids are and where they come from. Let us take a brief look at some of the basic things to know about these cannabinoids.

  • H4CBD: Semi-synthetic, hydrogenated version of CBD
  • HHC: Semi-synthetic, hydrogenated version of THC
  • CBD: Naturally occurring cannabinoid, extracted

HHC and H4CBD are cannabinoids that have been modified in a laboratory via a process that is likened to the way in which vegetable oil is turned into margarine. CBD or cannabidiol however, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found within cannabis and hemp plants. It is extracted in various ways either to a pure state, known as CBD isolate, or as a broad or full spectrum cannabinoid product. CBD itself can be synthesised but this is rarely done to create CBD products as the CBD molecule is naturally abundant within the cannabis and hemp industries and is easily obtained.

H4CBD and HHC are hydrogenated cannabinoids, this means that hydrogen atoms have been added to the chemical structure to create a 'new' cannabinoid. It is this adjustment to the structure of the cannabinoids that makes them interact with our cannabinoid receptors differently than usual.

The hydrogenated cannabinoids do opposite things in terms of psychological effects; THC seems to have less psychoactivity when hydrogenated but CBD seems to have more psychological effects than usual when it is hydrogenated.

In H4CBD (the hydrogenated version of CBD), the added hydrogen means it binds directly to the CB1 receptors giving a psychoactive effect. In HHC, the hydrogenated version of THC (the well known psychoactive cannabinoid) seems to have less psychoactive properties than its non-hydrogenated form. It binds to the CB1 receptors with less efficiency than regular THC which is interesting.

CBD, H4CBD and HHC potencies

It is difficult to rate the potencies of these cannabinoids when they are each potent in their own way. Of course, we can measure the potency of one CBD product against another CBD product because each will have its own purity and strength profile. We can compare which is stronger but we can't measure the effects equally as we each have a completely unique physiology. Things like weight, metabolisation rate, age, height and tolerance can all be factors to the efficacy of a cannabinoid product on our body and symptoms.

When dealing with different cannabinoids we must accept that they each have their own properties and benefits and can be potent wellness and recreational products. What is important is using these products in the right way to get the most out of them. We recommend always shopping with a reputable retailer with plenty of industry expertise to ensure that you are getting a legitimate product.

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H4CBD vs HHC vs CBD molecule effects

Each of these cannabinoids has different effects. CBD is non-synthetic while HHC and H4CBD are semi-synthetic hydrogenated cannabinoids. HHC and H4CBD are both created using different cannabinoids, HHC-THC and H4CBD-CBD. We can expect, given their already well known origins and effects, that the hydrogenated versions of THC and CBD would be an 'improved' or 'enhanced' version of their original effects.

As you may know, CBD is well known (and loved) for its lack of psychoactivity when consumed. It works well for those who want the relief of symptoms without a 'high' or 'stoned' feeling. THC on the other hand is well known for being a highly psychoactive and prolific cannabinoid found within cannabis plants. THC is sought after for its sedative, euphoric and relaxing effects.

The effects reported of HHC is that it is more relaxing and sedative than regular THC products but not as euphoric. This is a perfect product for somebody looking for substantial relief from unwanted symptoms without being so high and euphoric as experienced with regular THC. There is plenty more research to be done on the long and short-term effects of HHC. It's important to know that it is illegal here in the UK as a class B drug under the Psychoactive Substance Act.

H4CBD is a hydrogenated CBD product that appears to give more psychoactive effects than conventional CBD. It is a semi-synthetic cannabinoid that has four hydrogen atoms added. It is the addition of these four hydrogen atoms that allows it to bind to the CB1 receptors effectively giving the user much more noticeable psychological effects than CBD. H4CBD is a synthesised cannabinoid, first created in the 1940s during extensive research of cannabinoids by the Todd Group that is now being used because of its affinity for CB1 receptors and the effects it has as a result.

It's not thought that any of these cannabinoids are superior necessarily as they each have their own merits and applications which may be more or less suitable on a completely unique and personal level. However, you could say that, due to the restrictions of the law, that both CBD and H4CBD are superior products to HHC as they are legal here in the UK.

H4CBD vs HHC vs CBD side effects

You may be aware that CBD as a natural compound has very few side effects and is generally very well-tolerated. The common side effects of CBD products are very minor and can include things like dry mouth, reduced appetite, fatigue and drowsiness.

When talking about the side effects of H4CBD products and HHC products there is only recent anecdotal evidence to go by, and there is very little research into the side effects of either product because we are at the infancy of their study. It could be assumed that the side effects of the hydrogenated cannabinoids may be similar to those of the original non-hydrogenated cannabinoids and potentially increased or decreased due to the alteration of the molecular structure.

The side effects of THC can include increased anxiety, dry mouth, dizziness and nausea as well as increased risk of mental illness and effects on relationships and productivity at home or in the workplace. If these are the side effects of THC it is not a far leap to assume the side effects of HHC could be similar. HHC is illegal and we do not condone the use of illegal products.

Which is best/how to pick between these cannabinoids?

In short, the best product is the one that suits your individual requirements and the one that works best for you. It's the product that is most easily incorporated into your lifestyle and one that you can enjoy taking for the desired potential effects. When shopping, you will benefit the most when you consider your unique personal requirements and preferences.

When choosing CBD you are choosing a non-psychoactive product that may help fight pain and inflammation as well as a host of other ailments and symptoms. CBD is generally very safe, well tolerated and the effects are in no way overwhelming. Some people opt for CBD products over other cannabinoids to avoid complications with drug tests for things like sports competitions or workplace drug restrictions.

If you're looking for a product that will give you the benefits of CBD with a small boost then we can recommend trying H4CBD products. It can be more relaxing than regular CBD but not as potent as a THC product.

The other cannabinoid we have looked at is HHC, which is illegal in the UK. We do not condone the use of illegal products.

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