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How To Use A Grinder
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How To Use A Grinder

Posted: November 15, 2021

Herb grinders are an essential bit of kit for anyone looking to turn their herb product or CBD flower into a finely ground consistency.  They come in many shapes, sizes and designs which makes it easy to find a grinder to suit you.

Many people opt for the classic and original, single-chamber, two-part plastic grinder seen in almost every headshop but there are plenty more grinder types to explore and enjoy. Discover all you need to know about grinders, how to use a grinder, what they are and how to clean them in our blog below.

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What is a grinder?

When you read the term 'grinder', in this sense, it is referring to a small handheld tool that is ideal for grinding dried herbs or your favorite strain into a finer grade. The grinding process is often used for culinary herbs as well as things like CBD flower.

The three most common types grinder include:

  • single chamber grinders
  • double chamber grinder
  • three chamber grinder

They're typically made of plastic and metal and sometimes even wood. These all serve the same purpose, that is, to grind your product.

Basic grinders can be as simple as two halves (making one complete single grinding chamber) with a series of sharp teeth and/or blades used for cutting or grinding your herb. You can even get more sophisticated electric grinders that use a power outlet and various chambers to separate finer herb matter from the larger unground pieces. Some grinders even have a crystal catcher that is used for catching the trichomes found in CBD flower products.

Each different type of grinder has its own merits and these can include:

  • Metal casing and teeth or blades
  • Storage compartment for ground or unground herbs
  • Crystal catching compartment for separating crystals from herb
  • Crank handle for making use easier
  • Bottom chamber or collection chamber

When shopping for a grinder, consider your herb grinding needs. There are small and simple grinders for the occasional herb user and larger more complex grinders for those of you that use a grinder often or with larger amounts of products that need grinding. Prices vary from as little as a couple of pounds and can range all the way to upwards of £50.

How to use a grinder

Grinder use requires no previous experience or knowledge, although some grinders can be more complex there is little room for error.  The basic principle is to fill the main chamber of the grinder containing the teeth or blades with your favorite strain of herb and using enough pressure and speed, rotate the two halves to start grinding your product of choice.

Here are a few simple steps on how to use your grinder.

  • Ensure your herb or CBD flower or whole buds are cured, if it is wet it will not grind properly and if it is too dry it may turn to dust
  • Locate the grinding chamber ( this can be identified by the teeth which are responsible for grinding) and pop your chosen amount of herb inside. Be sure to not over or under load your grinder. Too much can cause the grinder to become stuck, too little can make the grinding teeth less effective
  • Apply a small amount of pressure, you shouldn't need to use extra force, and twist the two sides of the grinder to grind your herb or CBD
  • Open the grinder to check on the quality of your grind, if you are satisfied you can then tip the herb out.
  • If you have ground your herbs and it has disappeared into the collection chamber of the grinder then be sure to unscrew the separate chamber to retrieve your CBD or herb.

The basic two piece grinder is enough for grinding your herbs to a good grade and will last a long time if maintained properly. If you are a connoisseur or simply like to separate your product further, the double and triple chamber grinders with a kief chamber and bottom chamber serve as a quality herb grinding tool.

Cleaning your grinder

There are many different ways to clean your grinder and these can vary depending on the material and what you want to achieve. If you are looking to retrieve the kief (the ultra fine crystal like substance found on cannabis and CBD flower) then there are methods for this too!

Cleaning metal grinders

There are a couple of methods that can be used for cleaning a metal grinder and it depends on your desired outcome. If you are looking to retain the kief from your grinder then both the isopropyl alcohol soak or freezing method are commonly used.

Isopropyl alcohol method:

  1. To clean your grinder with isopropyl alcohol, simply disassemble your grinder and put it into a ziplock or sealable bag.
  2. Fill the bag with isopropyl alcohol so that it covers all of the parts of the grinder.
  3. Once the liquid has turned a muddy colour you can remove the grinder from the bag (taking care not to get alcohol in your eyes) and allow the excess alcohol to evaporate.

If you would like to harvest the kief from the liquid then soak each part of the grinder separately until all of the kief is dissolved. Once this is done pop the murky liquid into a glass receptacle and allow the alcohol to evaporate.

Freezer Method:

Now this really is as simple as it seems.

  1. Put your favourite grinder into a ziplock bag or straight into the freezer for around 30-40 minutes
  2. Once frozen, use a fine brush (paintbrush or toothbrush will do) to remove all of the kief and plant matter from the grinder - this can then be saved and used at your will

Cleaning a plastic grinder

Plastic grinders are not as sturdy as metal grinders (although many grinder users prefer the original style, basic plastic grinders) so the freezing or alcohol method can be damaging. To clean your plastic grinder simply soak it in warm soapy water,  and clean it with a fine brush! It is then possible to rinse it with warm water if you desire.

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