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ICE Headshop Survey: The Vape Flavours Brits Want To Try

Posted: February 15, 2024 | Author: Blog Upload

There are up to around 3 million vape users here in the UK, and our team of experts at ICE Headshop compiled a survey asking the British public what flavours of vape they would most like to see introduced.

Let's take a closer look at the results. Do you agree with these flavour choices?

Our e-liquid flavours survey

The survey received 2000 respondents, which yielded some very interesting results regarding the flavours they would like to see in their favourite online vape store. The public voted for some very strange and exciting vape flavours, many of which are popular flavours of iconic British food and popular household flavours.

As stated, our survey found that the Brits were big fans of food-flavoured vapes, but not what you'd expect - e.g. chocolate, strawberry, mango - but rather unusual flavours including 'Christmas tree' and 'salt and vinegar'. Okay so salt and vinegar is a cherished classic here in the UK, but Christmas tree is pretty out there, yet a piney-menthol flavour with smokey woody notes with a smooth inhalation sensation does sound appealing.

There is a lot to be said about flavour, after all, eating and drinking is one of the greatest pleasures and gifts in the world and we each have our own unique flavour preferences.

Vapes brits want to try infographic

Top 11 strange vape flavours

Let's take a look at the top 10 flavours voted by the public in our vape flavour survey:

  1. Christmas Tree - 12.05% of the vote.
    Voted number one in our survey, it's definitely an imaginative choice but likely well-founded given the enjoyable, sweet pine scent we get from our Christmas trees.
  2. Salt and Vinegar Crisps - 11.75% of the vote.
    Coming in a close second place is arguably one of the iconic flavours of the UK, given our affinity with fish and chips, 'Salt and Vinegar Crisps'. It is a strange choice given that vape products are inhaled, but nonetheless, that is what the people want.
  3. Burger - 10% of the vote.
    Another food-themed flavour takes third place, and again it's a fascinating choice. Imagine inhaling a burger, the savoury flavour of the meat combined with the sweetness of the bun and perhaps a gherkin finish... still not sold? Go on, give it a go!
  4. Fresh Cut Grass - 10% of the vote.
    We all know that there is nothing more enjoyable in summer than the smell of freshly cut grass, and it stands to reason that if it smells that good, it might taste just as good!
  5. Pepperoni Pizza - 8.9% of the vote.
    There we go, a flavour we can all truly get behind! Pepperoni pizza is an absolute classic and has every right to be on the leaderboard for vape flavours people want to try.
  6. Mushy Peas - 4.45% of the vote.
    If the possibilities are endless, then have mushy pea-flavoured e-liquid. Get a salt and vinegar e-liquid to go with it, and have yourself a savoury vape dinner treat.
  7. Mashed Potato - 4.05% of the vote.
    It would probably be worth giving this flavour a go. Mashed potato... if it's anything like your homemade, buttery and salty mash, then it could be wonderful.
  8. Dog Treats - 3.95% of the vote.
    Honestly, we are not really sure about this idea. We think we will let you be the decision-makers on this one; there is no judgement here.
  9. Jellied Eels - 3.95% of the vote.
    Although not for everybody, you might be convinced by the fishy aroma and the option of a mash potato vape side?
  10. Tea Tree - 3.55% of the vote.
    Probably, if we had read about this one first, it would seem a 'bit out there' or 'different', but given we have covered eels, dog treats and grass, we can be pretty certain this would be delightful.
  11. Leather - 3.15% of the vote.
    You can see why this might be interesting to try, as the smell of leather can be enticing.

This survey has revealed that there are many interesting flavour ideas to consider, or not as the case may be. If you're seeking different and exciting new vape flavours, then don't hesitate to visit ICE Headshop, where we stock hundreds of different vape and e-liquid products.

One of our already popular vape flavours that came up as popular in our survey is the Xmas Edition 1000mg e-liquid, which comes with a free vape kit. Full of festive spices and aromas, this festive vape is super delicious.

Dan Currey, Director of ICE Headshop commented on the study:

“Whilst the nation’s favourite vape flavours are perhaps not so surprising, it’s really interesting to learn about the more niche choices Brits would most like to see created.

There are some weird and wonderful flavours that already exist out there, but the results that came out in our study were definitely on the more unusual side!

Christmas tree aside, which we’re definitely intrigued to try for ourselves, it’s clear to see that the nation are big fans of food-related vaping liquids!”

Visit our online vape store today for the latest and most innovative flavours available.

E-liquid and vape liquid preferences

Every vape enthusiast has their own flavour preferences as well as sensation preferences, and there are many to choose from - flavours like menthol and eucalyptus offer a cooling effect, vape juice and vape liquid with a high VG content will provide a smooth sensation, while e-liquids with a higher PG ratio will give the user a noticeable throat hit.

Many e-liquid brands offer a wide range of flavours and variations on the recipes. You can enjoy things like:

  • Nic salt e-liquid - E-liquid that contains nicotine salts - this is naturally occurring in tobacco. It gets extracted to a pure state, and once the PH has been lowered, it is blended with e-liquids as the nicotine ingredient.
  • High VG e-liquid - These e-liquids are quite viscous and oily, providing a smooth vapour and a pleasurable inhalation experience.
  • High PG e-liquid - Generally, a higher concentration of PG will mean more of a throat hit. You can expect that as levels of PG increase, so will the sensation felt in your throat when you inhale
  • CBD e-liquid - CBD e-liquid is exactly what it says on the tin, its e-liquid contains a specified amount of CBD. You can choose from a variety of flavours, strengths and sizes.
  • Nicotine-free e-liquid - These can contain CBD and other botanicals but do not have the addictive properties of nicotine.

What's important when shopping for vape juice, e-liquids, and vape liquid is that you have a large range of flavours to choose from. We recommend always shopping with a trusted retailer that provides transparency with its products and has positive product reviews.

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