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What Is Full Spectrum CBD?

Posted: March 11, 2024 | Author: Blog Upload

Cannabidiol or CBD products have become very popular in recent years as a natural solution for many unwanted symptoms of illnesses, ailments and diseases, as well as a daily wellness product to help aid recovery and relaxation, for cosmetic use, and much more.

When beginning your CBD journey, it is important to distinguish between product types and what they each mean. In this guide we'll take a deeper look into what full spectrum CBD is and how it differs from other types of CBD, including CBD isolate, CBD broad spectrum and CBD wide spectrum, as well as exploring the entourage effect.

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What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, more commonly called CBD, is a cannabinoid found within the hemp plant and cannabis plants, which can be extracted via a few different methods. CBD is used worldwide for helping with a variety of illnesses, diseases, ailments, pains, and unwanted symptoms, as well as being used for things like sports recovery, cosmetics, and its potentially calming effects.

CBD comes in a wide range of product types, with different strengths and flavours to choose from. You'll find all kinds of terminology used to describe CBD products, which can make it difficult to pick between them. One such term is full-spectrum CBD, which we will define in this guide alongside other types of CBD.

CBD has a wealth of potential health and therapeutic benefits that you can explore. It can be easily incorporated into a daily routine, and products can be extremely versatile. If you're looking for a natural wellness product to alleviate unwanted symptoms or side effects of ailments and illnesses or are simply looking for a natural way to relax and unwind, then there will be a CBD product for you.

If you'd like more information about the benefits of CBD and the CBD industry, then head over to our CBD blog, where we explore everything to do with CBD.

Defining full spectrum CBD

You'll find that there are many types of CBD, each with its own unique formula and added botanicals, for example, which can become quite confusing. The first thing to clarify is that shopping for reputable CBD brands from a trusted retailer is important.

Always look for CBD products with a third-party lab analysis and brands that have transparency as a core value - this way, you can know you're getting exactly what you paid for. Don't risk buying knock-off and bootleg products from cheap and disreputable websites; you will only be disappointed with the results of your CBD product.

There are some main bits of terminology to look out for when shopping for CBD products, and these will determine the cannabinoid profile of the product. Each product will indeed have a different cannabinoid profile as there is a huge range of different cannabis strains that each have a unique range of cannabinoids of varying quantities.

One of the main details you'll see on the ingredients of your chosen CBD product is its type of CBD extraction. Let's take a closer look at the main types used in CBD products:

Full spectrum CBD

Every vape enthusiast has their own flavour preferences as well as sensation preferences, and there are many to choose from - flavours like menthol and eucalyptus offer a cooling effect, vape juice and vape liquid with a high VG content will provide a smooth sensation, while e-liquids with a higher PG ratio will give the user a noticeable throat hit.

Many e-liquid brands offer a wide range of flavours and variations on the recipes. You can enjoy things like:

  • Nic salt e-liquid - E-liquid that contains nicotine salts - this is naturally occurring in tobacco. It gets extracted to a pure state, and once the PH has been lowered, it is blended with e-liquids as the nicotine ingredient.
  • High VG e-liquid - These e-liquids are quite viscous and oily, providing a smooth vapour and a pleasurable inhalation experience.
  • High PG e-liquid - Generally, a higher concentration of PG will mean more of a throat hit. You can expect that as levels of PG increase, so will the sensation felt in your throat when you inhale
  • CBD e-liquid - CBD e-liquid is exactly what it says on the tin, its e-liquid contains a specified amount of CBD. You can choose from a variety of flavours, strengths and sizes.
  • Nicotine-free e-liquid - These can contain CBD and other botanicals but do not have the addictive properties of nicotine.

What's important when shopping for vape juice, e-liquids, and vape liquid is that you have a large range of flavours to choose from. We recommend always shopping with a trusted retailer that provides transparency with its products and has positive product reviews.

CBD isolate

CBD isolate products differ from full spectrum CBD products because they only contain CBD, which has been isolated to a pure state. CBD isolate contains no other cannabinoids and often no terpenes or flavonoids either (these are the compounds present that are responsible for the aroma and taste of cannabis and hemp plants/products).

CBD isolate is perfect for those looking for a natural product that does not contain any other contaminants and unwanted cannabinoids. Some people are required to pass drug tests for work (operating machinery, etc.) or sporting events. CBD isolate means you can get the natural therapeutic benefits of CBD without the worry of trace amounts of THC showing up in any tests.

Broad spectrum CBD and wide spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum CBD is much like full spectrum CBD, but it does not contain any THC. It contains other major cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids but no THC. This means you can get the maximum benefits of the cannabinoids, similar to full spectrum CBD, but without any tetrahydrocannabinol.

These broad spectrum CBD products suit users who are looking for a naturally complete CBD product without the worry about the presence of THC, whether it is purely for peace of mind, to comply with regulations surrounding THC products, or simply as a lifestyle choice.

Potential benefits of full spectrum CBD

There are many reported benefits of full spectrum CBD, and it could be effective for many individuals, depending on the product type and strength and that it meets a person's unique requirements. Before trying a CBD product, it's important to seek the advice of a healthcare professional, particularly if you are taking any medications.

Potential health benefits include:

  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Antioxidant effects
  • The entourage effect
  • Management of the symptoms of pain, stress, anxiety, skin conditions, and sleep disorders

Full-spectrum CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. While more research is needed, it has been shown to be beneficial for people managing everyday conditions as part of a regular routine or as and when needed. CBD products have a wealth of potential health benefits, and as the medical cannabis industry grows, research continues, and new and exciting, powerful products are being made available.

Out of all CBD product types, full spectrum CBD products may offer the greatest benefit thanks to the entourage effect. To explain further, the entourage effect refers to the synergistic interaction where all compounds in the hemp plant - such as CBD, minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and trace amounts of THC - work together more effectively than any single compound used in isolation. This collective action enhances the product's therapeutic benefits, potentially improving its ability to relieve pain, reduce anxiety and stress, and promote overall wellness.

Read our guide on 'The Entourage Effect'

Why choose full spectrum CBD products?

Full Spectrum CBD products can be used to help treat a wide array of illnesses, ailments and unwanted symptoms, including things like:

  • Pain conditions include chronic pain, neuropathic pain and pain related to sports injury and recovery
  • Stress disorders, anxiety, SAD and PTSD
  • To aid a healthy sleep pattern and treat symptoms of insomnia
  • To aid recovery from skin conditions

Of course, full spectrum CBD is not limited to treating unwanted symptoms; it can be used for plenty of wellness, recovery, cosmetic and self-care applications. This includes:

  • Cosmetic and beauty products like moisturisers and skincare
  • Creams, lotions and balms for recovery of skin conditions and to aid a regular beauty routine
  • Simply for relaxation and to help with 'winding down'
  • Muscle and joint balms to treat pain from sports injury and recovery and pains associated with exercise

At ICE Headshop, we have everything you need to get started with CBD, as well as top products by the world's best manufacturers for the connoisseurs among you. We know it is important to understand the products you're using, which is why we provide in-depth descriptions in our store so that you can make a well-informed decision when you purchase CBD products.

Full spectrum CBD oils, vapes, edibles, and topicals

We're here to help you with any questions you have regarding our vape and e-liquid products. We can help you navigate hundreds of amazing flavours and help you decide on a product that is right for you.

Our team of experts has decades of industry expertise, is up to date with the latest in the industry, and is on hand to help.

Full spectrum CBD oils

CBD oils are the 'OG' CBD product. They can be taken sublingually and some can be dropped into food or drinks. A simple way to get your CBD dosage, choose a strength and flavour that suits you. Often CBD oil has a natural earthy flavour but you will find oils with all manner of exciting flavours and botanical additives.

Full spectrum CBD edibles

When you shop for delicious CBD edibles, you'll discover cookies, jelly sweets, teas, coffees, chocolates, lollipops, energy drinks, and much more. These portable products are great for being on the go and make it easy to keep track of your CBD dose. You'll also find a huge choice of flavours and strengths.

Full spectrum vape products and e-liquids

One of the fastest ways to feel the effects of CBD and one of the quickest to use is to puff on your vape for an almost instant hit. CBD vapes come in thousands of flavours, and you can find wide ranges of strengths, container sizes, and even varieties that give more or less vapour and throat feel.

Full spectrum CBD topicals

Balms, creams, and lotions are designed for applying directly to the skin in the affected area. Perfect for those looking to treat pain in a specific area or to help manage skin conditions. Some CBD topicals are designed as cosmetic products and can be used daily to complement your skincare and beauty routine.

Some of our top full spectrum CBD products

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Aztec CBD Cartridge 55% CBD

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Disclaimer: Please note that you must be 18 years or older to purchase CBD products. All claims and effects of CBD have been regulated by the MHRA since 2016 and distributors require a licence from the MHRA to make any medical claims. Claims are opinion based and non-scientific, and while we may discuss the opinions people share, they are not our own. Our CBD is not intended to treat, cure or prevent disease. Although we can advocate its calming & healthy properties it is in no way intended for medicinal use.