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Unwind with Ice Headshop
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Unwind with Ice Headshop

Posted: April 02, 2015

Unwind With Ice Headshop

Welcome to the world of Ice Online Headshop. Here you can get a plethora of research powders, chemist pills and herbal delicacies. Under research powders we have the rainbow spread across from Ching to Gogaine, and Spellweaver to Columbiana. These energisers are infamous for keeping you up all night analysing under the microscope & will long to keep your moment rocking. Under research pills we have E-scape, Doves, White Pearls, Benzo’s and much much more. And coming to the herbal blends we have a whole deal of breeds and flavours, which will blow your mind just in knowing the diversity we contain for your consumption. Ice Headshop For All Your Quality Chemical Needs From energising research powders to chemists pills to herbal blends to vaporizers to blunts to pipes and snorters to grinders and bongs and hookahs you can have your fancy pick at Ice Headshop. Avail genuine discounts and get your order delivered in or less than 7 days. Earn 10% reward points. This means for every £1 spent, you get 1 reward point, which amounts to £1 for every 10 points. These points accumulate automatically to your account and you can redeem it for any item on the website. Spend £50-99 and get 10% off. Spend £100 or over and get 20% off. To reach the apex in meditation or to enhance that party moment or to just ease any form of downlow, email Ice Headshop at [email protected] and simply have a good time. Note: You need to be over 18 years of age to consume or possess any category of drug from this website. *Our products are for collecting & to be used as bath salts