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Product Spotlight: Holy Grail CBD
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Product Spotlight: Holy Grail CBD

Posted: March 21, 2023 | Author: Dan Currey

If you are a CBD or cannabinoid fan and you haven't heard of Holy Grail products, then where have you been all of this time? Don't miss out any longer!

Holy Grail is at the forefront of the CBD industry with leading technology and CBD products with huge and impressive amounts of cannabinoid content. Holy Grail are also a competitively priced CBD manufacturer, pushing the boundaries within the CBD world for:

  • strength
  • power
  • and technology

When the current market is saturated with over-rated products and products that don't match the listed contents, we need to seek CBD and cannabinoid products that are 3rd-party lab-tested and uphold a good reputation.

At ICE Headshop we're pleased to present you with Holy Grail!

Who are Holy Grail?

Holy Grail is an industry leading, trusted manufacturer of high quality CBD and cannabinoid products. Based out of the UK, Holy Grail are bringing you certified and completely legal cannabis, CBD and other cannabinoid products.

Holy Grail are producing CBD and cannabis products that dwarf their closest competitors for strength, quality, innovation and price.

At ICE Headshop we recommend you visit our Holy Grail page to see the latest products before they are sold out.

Check it out here and shop with us for great offers and fast delivery.

Holy Grail CBD products

The product lines available to you from Holy Grail are arguably one of the strongest and highest quality CBD and other cannabinoid ranges available on the market today.

Holy Grail utilises a mammoth spectrum of cannabinoids in their products including highly desired cannabinoids like CBG, CBD, CBDV, CBE and CBC all of which are 100% pure extracted proprietary blend with natural real terpenes.

Holy Grail's products include:

  • Wide spectrum Holy Grail cannabis pen - A vape style disposable pen device
  • Holy Grail squidgy solids - Resembling traditional hashish resin used for burning
  • Holy Grail wide spectrum kush - Similar to cannabis flower buds

Lets take a look at some of the most popular products here:


Holy Grail Squidgy Solids

Available as an exclusive to ICE Headshop, choose from mild strength 16%, medium strength 28% and strong strength 44% squidy solids cannabinoids. UK legal organic hemp solids, these products offer incredible value for money and are available in a wide range of different quanities - teenths, eighths, quarters, half oz and ounces.

Non-psychoactive and sold as incense only, you must be over the age of 18 to buy.


Holy Grail Kush

With the high quality levels of cannabinoids found in Holy Grail's unrivalled range it would be a shame not to include a THC free Kush. Now, CBD flower can be somewhat of a legal 'grey area' but Holy Grail have created this 100% legal product from non-synthetic ingredients and with all natural terpenes and cannabinoids.

If you're looking for that sticky and dank 'incense blend' that provides strong effects with all natural and realistic cannabis flavours, then this is the product for you. This is not your regular, isolate derived canna mock, this is truly a high quality and strong cannabinoid product that will deliver on all fronts.

Available in three different and popular flavours - Super Lemon, Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush - all recognisable by the connoisseurs among you. For those unfamiliar with these flavours, they resemble reputable strains of cannabis flower for the most realistic experience possible.

This product is designed as incense and is not for human consumption.


Holy Grail V3 Wide Spectrum Cannabis Pen

With the rise in popularity of vaping products there is no surprise that Holy Grails' wide spectrum cannabis pen is at the top of our list. This epic and long lasting Holy Grail disposable pen is absolutely jam packed full of a wide spectrum of cannabinoids. If you're seeking more bang for your buck then look no further. The closest rival is more than double the price and contains an inferior cannabinoid profile.

The new Holy Grail V3 contains industry leading technology, such as its new CCell OWA device making it rechargeable and more reliable than ever, and a ceramic coil and a 350mAh battery.

It goes on to boast 5ml of seriously concentrated undiluted, untampered, unrivalled (no PG/VG/MCT/flavour or added terpenes) vape juice made with vegetable glycerin and completely natural ingredients.

The ingredients list:

  • 52% CBD
  • 14% CBG
  • 3% CBDV
  • 8% CBE
  • 2% CBC
  • 11% Other minor cannabinoids

This decent hardware paired with its unparalleled vape juice provide around 200 high quality puffs. If you are looking for the ultimate CBD vape device with a long life battery and a great proprietary blend of cannabinoids then this is the one for you, this is the 'Holy Grail'.


Why choose Holy Grail for your CBD?

High quality

Holy Grail put a huge emphasis on the strength, quality and natural origin of their products, using high quality CBD and other ingredients to make some of the best products available.

Potent Products

If you're seeking high quality products with an extremely high percentage of cannabinoids then the Holy Grail product line is what you're searching for.

Great value

Holy Grail provides a lot of bang for your buck! With such high levels of cannabinoids and low prices, Holy Grail offers excellent value for money in a very competitive market.

Excellent choice

Holy Grail offer a range of flavours to ensure there is something to suit your individual tastes and preferences.

Shop Holy Grail CBD at ICE Headshop

At ICE Headshop we stock only the finest CBD and cannabinoid products from around the globe from the best manufacturers in the market. Our team of experts have decades of experience and they do the hard work to bring together the finest products so that you can shop trusted brands all in one place.

Our expert team is available 24/7/365 to help with any enquiries and are there to help guide you to the right product for your needs. Feel free to get in touch with our team here.